Callidus Electric, a family-owned business, present various reasons as to why you should call an electrician. It’s important to contact a professional company like Callidus Electric and enquire about a current project or job, as well, to find out an estimate of a particular job. Get in touch about any of these areas and immediately receive a free quote.

As an Electrician Las Vegas company that works with both residential and commercial clients, the team can handle any project. By contacting an electrician, one like Callidus Electric, they can discuss and explain the various solutions such as ceiling fan and home theatre installation, solar panel installation, wiring, and much more.

Contacting an Electrician Prior to an Emergency

Whether it’s day or night the reliable electricians at Callidus Electric will be on call to help homeowners with any issue. Even if the issue may not be an emergency, the electricians emphasize the importance of contacting a professional before an issue escalates.

Callidus Electric – Las Vegas go above and beyond to ensure they provide an excellent service for their clients and to avoid an emergency if possible. There are many Las Vegas brands that trust Callidus, in particular commercial clients, as their main electrical contractors. These big brands include Walmart, Lulu Lemon, and McDonalds.

The team of professionals at Callidus Electric also offer a wide range of electrical contracting services. This includes repairs on your electrical panel in your home, if so, contact Callidus by phone today and ask for advice from one of the professionals who can schedule a visit and repair the control centre in your home or install a new electrical panel if needed.

The experts even offer various lighting services, including LED and induction lights installation and removal, and if you’ve just acquired a new pool, Callidus can install a set of pool lights or repair your old ones.

Electrical Problems in The Home

Another reason to call an electrician is to avoid common house hold electrical problems from occurring, and this can be anything from over-lamping, whereby your new lightbulb has a higher wattage than your light fixture, flickering lights in the wind which can be a highly dangerous, too few outlets to choose from, or an over-wired panel.

These are just a few of the issues that Callidus Electric will be happy to help resolve for you, just contact the professionals as soon as the problem arises.

Callidus is proud to be a highly rated electrician in Las Vegas, which many recognize as a prosperous community in Nevada. Yet, within every community there will be electrical issues that many homeowners may have to deal with, however, do no despair, Callidus Electric will fix and repair any electrical issue in your home or at your place of business.

More information

For a free estimate or quote from a highly reputable electrical company, contact Callidus Electric today on 7024034562. Callidus has been in the industry for nearly 10 years now, and it is clear from many of their clients that this company is an integral part of the Las Vegas community.  Anything from plumbing, electrical systems, to landscape or even scheduling a consultation with one of the professionals, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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