California Medical Legal Specialists, LLC (commonly referred to as CMLS LLC) provides full management services to physicians in order to help them evaluate forensic medical claims in worker’s compensation cases. Such forensic evaluations include Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) and Qualified Medical Evaluations (QMEs).

CMLS LLC has been involved in creating and supporting hundreds of successful IME/QME physician practices over the last three decades, resulting in countless forensic medical evaluations being completed during that time. This has made a huge contribution to workers compensation cases across the state. If you’d like to discuss workers compensation and the work CMLS do, please contact a member of the team today!

Worker’s compensation in California

All California employers must provide workers’ compensation benefits to their employees under the California Labor Code. Under this legislature, California a little different from other states and has relatively few exceptions for workers’ compensation coverages. For example, there is no minimum employment threshold, so any workplace with one or more employee is required to have workers’ compensation coverage). This means that sole proprietors (with no employees) are not required to carry workers’ compensation coverage in California, yet coverage becomes mandatory once they hire their first employee.

Generally speaking, all working Californians are subject to workers’ compensation coverage.  The one exception would be high-level employees (e.g. corporate officers and directors) who sometimes have the ability to waive their rights as long as they qualify and fill in the relevant paperwork.

In California, if you as an employee are injured or become ill because of something related to your job, you can receive benefits without having to prove that your employer was at fault Benefits covered by claiming workers’ compensation can include medical treatment, temporary disability benefits, rehabilitation, and death payments.

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Claiming workers compensation

It is vital that, if you become injured or taken ill in connection with your work, you report a work-related injury as soon as possible to a supervisor so you can fill in a DWC-1 form to start the workers’ compensation claim process and obtain medical treatment within 24 hours (medical treatment should be offered immediately, if the case is urgent).

Medical evaluations like IMEs and QMEs play an important role in California workers’ compensation cases, especially if your case is disputed. These evaluations may be used as a way to determine whether:

  • you can return to work
  • your illness or injury is work-related
  • you need ongoing medical treatment

The evaluation typically involves the doctor reviewing your medical records and other information about your injury or illness. The insurance company may also submit questions for them to answer.

During the evaluation process, it is vital that your doctor remains impartial to the case and reviews it objectively. The physicians that work with CMLS are trustworthy, respected and take great pride in offering truly unbiased forensic disability evaluations. These professionals are renowned within their respective fields, and the majority are board certified and have extensive clinical backgrounds. To find out more about CMLS and its community of skilled physicians, visit the website today!


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Founded in 1985, CMLS offers premium management services to physicians specializing in forensic disability evaluations all across California. To find out more about the company, you can visit their website at For any inquiries, please contact the team by emailing [email protected]

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