Medical spas have become more popular in recent years for men and women alike as a hybrid between the traditional day spa and a medical clinic. In fact, medical spas have become a billion dollar a year industry with more and more patients turning to them to enhance their physical appearance and boost their confidence, and online searches for ‘medical spa near me’ have soared.

The reason for this popularity could be that medical spas offer clients the best of two world – a relaxing, convenient spa experience with advanced, non-invasive beauty procedures and expertise typically only found at a medical center.

BUTEX Medical Spa and Laser treatment offers a professional, friendly approach to medical aesthetics that achieves natural-looking, beautiful results. Get in touch with the team today to book an appointment!

Why visit BUTEX Medical Spa?

One of the big advantages of a medical spa is that you are able to relax in a luxurious environment that also has the added benefits of advanced technologies, safe procedures, and expert medical staff.

BUTEX Medical Spa specializes in procedures like laser treatments and very popular injectables. Here are just a few reasons to choose to visit BUTEX Medical Spa:

  • State-of-the-art facilities
    • BUTEX offers the most up-to-date equipment and technologies available to rejuvenate, revitalise, sculpt, and restore both the face and body
  • A wide range of safe, personalized, effective anti-aging treatments
    • The BUTEX team works hard to ensure that treatments and procedures are as safe and effective as possible and are tailored to suit your beauty goals
    • BUTEX provides clients with innovative treatments that don’t require surgery
  • Confidence-boosting power
    • BUTEX specialists will help you leave the spa feeling a lot more confident and looking amazing
  • Certified professionals to look after you
    • At BUTEX, you will be treated by trained medical professionals who focus on your individual needs and beauty desires
  • Relaxing environment
    • Being in a professional yet relaxing environment like BUTEX medical spa will ease your mind and keep you calm, relieving you of stress and worry

Confidence is key

BUTEX Medical Spa has two main goals: to enhance clients’ natural beauty and boost their self-esteem.

BUTEX is proud to boast more than 12 years of experience with injectables and aesthetic devices for both facial and body beautification, and staff there strive to treat every client like family and create custom treatment plans to help you look and feel your best.

BuTex offers the best technology available with highly skilled technicians to provide a wide range of treatments. These skincare treatments include injectables (such as Juvederm, Restylane, Bellafill, vitamins, etc.), laser treatments (such as vein reduction, skin tightening, and laser facials like Photofacial, Liplase, acne clearing, etc), body contouring (such as PDO thread life, cavitation, cellulite reduction, etc.) and facials (such as resurfacing, chemical peels, etc.).

You can be confident that the BUTEX specialists will boost your confidence. Book an appointment with the team today to start your journey to younger-looking skin!


More information

BUTEX Medical Spa and Laser Treatment is a medical spa based in Frisco, Texas, offering specialised skincare treatments to clients. If you’re searching for the best laser treatment near me or lip fillers near me, you’ve found the right place.

For more information, head over to the website at If you have an inquiry, please email [email protected] or call (469) 432 0868.


About BUTEX Medical SPA and Laser Treatment

BuTex offers the best technology available with highly skilled technicians to provide a wide range of treatments.

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