When the COVID-19 pandemic initially began, bankruptcy experts were preparing for record filings. However, it appears that small- and mid-sized businesses have relied on government stimulus checks and savings and/or turned to predatory lenders (who often charge 40% or more interest on loans!) instead of seeking court-protected reorganization under bankruptcy.

According to bankruptcy experts, these approaches are ineffective band-aids that fail to offer long-term solutions. Chip Lane of The Lane Law Firm says, “Most small and middle-market businesses try to do it on their own, and then they have to use a nuclear option, and it is just too late for many of them.”

Despite this, The Lane Law Firm has stayed busy preparing for a significant increase in bankruptcy cases by hiring extra specialists to ensure that they are ready to help as many struggling small businesses as possible through their professional business debt relief services.

Debt relief services

If you or your business are drowning in debt, The Lane Law Firm can help. The skilled business bankruptcy lawyers at the firm can take some of the pressure off your shoulders, force pushy creditors to stop harassing you for payment, and suggest a debt relief strategy tailored to you.

Homeowners have struggled throughout the pandemic, and The Lane Law Firm knows how stressful the thought of losing a safe haven for you and your family can be. If you cannot keep up with your mortgage payments and need help to slow down or stop the foreclosure process while you search for a solution, The Lane Law Firm can help by assigning a foreclosure lawyer to your case.

If you or your company are completely overwhelmed with debt, bankruptcy may be an option. Bankruptcy does have serious consequences, so it’s essential to chat with a knowledgeable lawyer and consider all alternatives before pursuing bankruptcy.

Why choose The Lane Law Firm?

The Lane Law Firm is passionate about helping a diverse array of clients (including restaurant owners, manufacturers, and retailers) overcome challenging situations with the help of their professional, small business debt relief services.

The firm truly believes that every single client is important, and that’s why you’ll receive the support of not just an expert lawyer but an entire team, including a dedicated Client Relationship Manager, to keep you updated throughout the case.

The Lane Law Firm prides themselves on investing time and energy into each of their clients to truly understand your needs and effectively advocate for you in negotiation and courtroom litigation. If you’re struggling with debt, get in touch with the team today and see how they can help!


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Since 2009, The Lane Law Firm has represented clients in a range of cases involving foreclosure defense, denied or underpaid property insurance claims, small business debt relief, and MCA debt relief. For more information, visit https://www.lanelaw.com/. You may also call +18774083328 to set up a free no-obligation consultation.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/business-debt-relief-the-lane-law-firm-prepares-to-help-many-more-texans-struggling-with-debt-during-covid-19/

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