Brooklyn estate planning attorney Yana Feldman ( releases a new article explaining how to find the right estate plan in NYC. The lawyer mentions that estate planning is a complex matter that requires people to examine their morality. However, it is because of morality that estate planning should be considered for the future of one’s family. Individuals can have greater control over what happens in the future of their lives with a comprehensive estate plan and even after they die.

“Estate planning is a collection of legal tools and processes that helps equip you for what can happen in your lifetime. The Estates, Powers, and Trusts law of New York governs the decision-making process that would be undertaken when a person is unable to make decisions for themselves or when they have not made decisions in advance,” the Brooklyn estate planning attorney says. 

The estate planning attorney says that although estate planning is usually thought of only for wealthy people, it can be beneficial for everyone. There is no one-size fits all solution for determining which type of plan is best for an individual. Every person has different needs.

An estate plan for someone who plans to retire could be very different than one for someone who just started a family. Divorcees might need extra protections, while parents with minor children may need to make additional considerations in order to protect their children’s best interests.

The lawyer further explains that As a person reaches different milestones in their lives, their estate plan will need to change. The estate plan must reflect and address changing circumstances in the individual’s life. An estate plan can also be helpful for young professionals who are just starting to make it in the world. It may also help if the estate plan addresses medical care decisions, especially if you live far from home. If a person has pets, their estate plan may also include their pet’s care.

In the article, the lawyer says, “Estate planning involves making many important decisions precisely due to the impact they could have on the most important people in your life. It involves being able to use the law to your advantage which is why you need a qualified attorney on your side.” 

Lastly, the lawyer mentions that it is important to seek the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer when dealing with matters such as planning for an estate. A skilled lawyer may be able to help a person plan their legacy and their future. 

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