With so many cosmetic treatments available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start and who to trust. But Curated Medical offers treatments that stand out from the rest with its professionalism, safety measures and experience.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Botox and Fillers by Curated Medical offers Botox injections and much more for its clients. The medical spa aims to be the destination of choice for those wanting a high-quality anti-aging experience, using a “noticeably natural” approach designed to enhance your intrinsic beauty to help you look your best.

Why get Botox?

Most people have heard of Botox injections, but not many know of the many benefits this amazing treatment can have for clients.

One of the most famous uses for Botox (also known as botulinum toxin) is to treat fine lines and wrinkles. With this procedure, Botox is injected with a small needle into the client’s problematic muscle, temporarily paralyzing the muscle to help smoothen your skin. In fact, if the injection is given before deep folds develop as a preventative measure, Botox can help remove existing wrinkles over time or even delay more from developing.

A lesser-known benefit of Botox is to help relieve migraines. Botox injections often work well to help block troublesome neurotransmitters from reaching the brain and prevent the chemicals that cause the pain from getting to the nerve endings, thus helping to prevent migraines.

Another benefit is that, if you suffer from excessive sweating (a condition called hyperhidrosis), Botox injections can help by temporarily paralyzing the nerves that would typically reach the sweat glands.

Finally, did you know that Botox was originally used for the treatment of double vision? This is still a treatment option today and can be very effective when used! Once injected, Botox can help to relax any eye muscles that are causing unwanted issues, providing effective relief to the client.

Why go to Curated Medical?

When you choose a medical spa, you need to know that the team there are made up of qualified people you can trust. Curated Medical is run by Katie Mann (DNP, FNP-C), who earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice and her Family Nurse Practitioner degrees from Gonzaga University in Washington in 2019. In addition to this, Katie has also completed extensive training in advanced injectables like Botox, PDO threads, laser, and other treatments and continues to attend specialist aesthetic conferences every year in order to learn from other world-renowned experts. So, if you’re searching for Botox Scottsdale and need a reliable, skilled aesthetic nurse practitioner, look no further than Curated Medical!

Curated Medical understands that your beauty goals are unique, so the team there will work hard to create a professional treatment plan designed just for you to help you get the best possible results. Your cosmetic journey will be personalized using a variety of treatments to help you safely and efficiently reach your aesthetic goals, and along the way you’ll get to develop a long-lasting, beneficial relationship with your dedicated aesthetic practitioners. Get in touch with the team today to start your cosmetic journey!


More information

Curated Medical provides personalized anti-aging, preventive, and skincare treatments for both men and women. You can find this trusted medical spa here:


To find out more about Curated Medical, visit the website at http://www.curatedmed.com/. If you have any inquiries, simply call 480 826 1139 or email [email protected].

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