Denver, CO – MarketGap, an AI-powered Amazon sales estimator, is excited to announce the launch of its new website that helps Amazon FBA sellers find a market gap on Amazon by accurately estimating product sales with AI-powered solutions.

With MarketGap’s two innovative tools, the Amazon FBA Calculator that helps individuals make accurate calculations and Amazon Profit Spy, a browser extension designed to provide both experienced sellers and those just starting their Amazon business all the data needed to sell products on Amazon successfully, MarketGap empowers Amazon FBA sellers to make smarter investments and increase their profit.

MarketGap Amazon FBA Calculator assists individuals in accurately calculating all the current FBA selling fees and estimates the monthly sales for their products sold on Amazon, as well as totalling how much profit they can make with their Amazon business. A key tool for developing the perfect product strategy, the FBA Calculator enables Amazon sellers to make smart decisions about what to sell and get ahead.

This simple yet powerful resource is straightforward to use, requiring users to follow only a few steps. These are:

  1. To calculate selling on Amazon fees, individuals should enter the product ASIN or Amazon URL into the FBA Calculator and then select Amazon location.
  2. Next, individuals need to click on search and fill out the product cost (the price they can buy from the manufacturer), shipping cost (how much is the shipping from the manufacturer to the Amazon fulfillment center), and other fees, such as customs tax and extra fees.

MarketGap’s other key tool is its Amazon Profit Spy extension, which provides Amazon FBA sellers with all the data needed to sell products on Amazon successfully. Intended to help sellers make better investments and boost their business profit, MarketGap’s Amazon Profit Spy extension offers accurate and invaluable data with just one click.

Whether Amazon FBA sellers are on a search result page or viewing a single product, the Amazon Profit Spy helps them gain insights into the estimated sales and profits of products without ever having to leave the page. The extension additionally provides the following benefits:

Product Sales Data: Instantly get up-to-date estimated sales data and other key metrics of best-selling products with MarketGap’s AI-powered algorithm that shows accurate sale estimations based on inventory information and historical estimations.

Evaluate Competition: Check product demand, customer satisfaction and monitor competitors’ sales.

Profit Spy: Check the monthly profit on any Amazon product based on estimated sales (this works on any major category.)

Integrated Alibaba Search: Quickly find the same product on Alibaba and use MarketGap’s built-in calculator to get profit estimations as well as the exact amount of how much a product would cost.

FBA Calculator: Amazon Profit Spy helps Amazon FBA sellers to calculate Amazon FBA fees, packaging, shipping, and storage prices. Additionally, the FBA Calculator allows them to view the profit margin and estimated sales profit they could make on their selected product.

Real-Time Inventory: Check the inventory of the seller from the buy box on any product. Additionally, the Real-Time Inventory allows users to see if the seller is FBA, Amazon, or 3rd Party.

MarketGap’s two powerful and flexible tools, are currently supported in several global Amazon marketplaces, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.

Available free or as part of several affordable pricing plans that offer a range of individual benefits, such as Inventory information in the Browser Extension, Estimated Revenue, Estimated Sales, and Inplace Profit Calculator in the Browser Extension, MarketGap helps Amazon FBA sellers efficiently find the market gap for their business on Amazon.

About MarketGap

MarketGap is a trusted Amazon research tool that helps Amazon FBA sellers find a market gap on Amazon by accurately estimating product sales with innovative AI-powered solutions. With MarketGap’s Amazon FBA Calculator and Amazon Profit Spy browser extension, both experienced sellers and those just starting their Amazon business can make smarter decisions and increase their profit margins.

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