Baco Enterprises Inc. is evolving into a full-service manufacturer and supplier in New York City. They class themselves as being four companies in one, and with good reason. The company takes pride in being the only provider in the Northeastern United States that serves in so many capacities that are essential to the construction industry.

They are a distributor of fasteners, a threaded rod and anchor bolt manufacturer, a steel service center, and a miscellaneous steel fabricator. As well as being a supplier of fasteners, they are continuously working to evolve into the role of a domestic fastener manufacturer as well as a supplier.

Baco Enterprises, Inc. provides bolts, anchors, and other structural components to meet with the demands of bridge, tunnel, highway, electrical, and marine construction in the United States, primarily the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Some of the products that they make in NYC include carriage bolts, tension control bolts, structural bolts, hex bolts, and more.

When it comes to their inventory, customers can choose from an even broader selection of high-quality bolts. They are competitively priced and made in the U.S.

With a fleet of trucks and trusted relationships with freight carriers, Baco Enterprises Inc. can offer next day service to New York City, Long Island, lower NY State, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, most of Connecticut, and parts of Massachusetts. These shipping capabilities are significant as they can accommodate many major construction projects throughout the New York metropolitan area, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Boston, Concord, and other cities throughout the region.

Baco Enterprises Inc. has an excellent partnership with Skidmore-Wilhelm, one of the most knowledgeable groups of bolt testing experts in the world. Skidmore-Wilhelm’s is known for its high-quality testing units and reliable service. This has helped them rise to become the leaders in industrial torque-tension testing.

Skidmore-Wilhelm serves as the key provider of bolt testers for Baco Enterprises Inc., making them one of the most exceptional providers of services for the construction industry.

Interestingly, Skidmore-Wilhelm invented the bolt calibration unit, fulfilling bolt testing needs for the sector. This capability is classed as a valuable asset on construction sites around the world and assists in the completion of various major projects.

With Skidmore bolt testing, Baco Enterprises ensures the best industrial torque-tension assurance for all of their customers. Access to this service is an excellent advantage for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic construction industry, as it is essential for ensuring that bolts are safe and suitable for critical infrastructure applications. This added verification enables construction specialists to meet and exceed requirements when building a structure.

Baco Enterprises Inc. has also expanded this valuable service with the implementation of a second Skidmore bolt testing machine. And now, with new long-length bolt manufacturing, this fastener distributor has become uniquely capable of meeting even more construction industry demands.

Baco Enterprises, Inc. is undoubtedly the most experienced and trusted name in the construction industry. Contact them today for any inquiries at 718-589-6225 or email David Cohen at [email protected].

SOURCE: The News Front [Link]

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Baco Enterprises Inc. is four companies in one. We are a distributor of fasteners, a threaded rod and anchor bolt manufacturer, a steel service center, and a miscellaneous steel fabricator. To our knowledge, no other company has attempted to put…

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