Olten, Switzerland – Founded in 1985, Blumenhaus Frei is a family-run flower shop in Switzerland that focuses on offering their customers a wide range of fresh and ethically sourced flowers of high-quality flowers.

Their new website is currently being designed and is going  be more customer friendly, have an improved UX (user experience), and will be launched by the end of January 2023.

With flowers, gifts, and plants that are suitable for any occasion and available in the store or via website, you are sure to find the perfect products for your friends, family or loved ones at Blumenhaus Frei.

Top Quality as a Trademark

Over the past 35 years the team at Blumenhaus Frei has been placing value on offering flowers and plants that prioritise quality, environmental protection, and are delivered via the shortest logistical routes possible.

They endeavour to not deal with wholesalers who offer flowers, greenery, or plants that:

  • Are distributed via long and polluting logistic networks
  • Are produced under inhumane conditions

Instead, Blumenhaus Frei relies primarily on producers in their from Europe and are proud to say that 99% of their roses are from the top producers in Holland, Italy, and France, and have been grown in ultra-modern production plants that use fossil fuels only in exceptional and extreme situations.

The company’s renowned reputation throughout the Olten and Aarau regions of sourcing 99% of their products from suppliers who use energy obtained from the sun, wind, and geothermal energy, mean that their customers are used to their top-quality, ethically sourced flowers as well as a friendly and helpful customer service.

At https://blumenhaus-frei.ch you will find a variety of flowers for all occasions that all come in a selection of different styles and colours, such as:

  • Wedding Flowers – On this important day of your life, you can rely on Blumenhaus Frei to help you create your ideal bridal vision
  • Funeral Flowers – With experience in this sensitive area for years, Blumenhaus Frei will help you and be understanding during this difficult time
  • Valentine’s Day Flowers – Whether you want a classic red rose heart or a colourful mix of beautiful flowers, you will find the perfect bouquet to express your feelings in store or at their website

Additionally, Blumenhaus Frei provides a vast range of gifts and specialised bouquets on their website, including:

Seasonal Offers

Are you looking for some gorgeous autumnal flowers in deep reds and oranges, or maybe something more festive for Christmas?

Blumenhaus Frei has beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets perfect for every season.

Fresh Cut Flowers

You will find fresh cut flowers every day in their shops and online.

Wines and Indulgence

Looking to add something extra special to your floral gift?

Blumenhaus Frei has a large variety of fine wines, high-quality olive oils and delicious delicacies to choose from.

Colorful Flower Boxes

These eye-catching flower arrangements are made with fresh seasonal blossoms and gorgeous roses.

Easy Care Male Plants

This is an ideal gift for the men in your life who would love to add a little greenery to their home but may not always have the time to carefully maintain it.

Blumenhaus Frei’s easy care male plants are designed to grow with your man.

Suitable Gifts

Sweeten your floral greeting with a suitable gift, such as chocolate covered almonds, balloons, a vase, wine, jewellery, or chocolates, to make your friend, family, or loved one’s day extra special.

More information

To find out more about Blumenhaus Frei and to see their wide selection of occasion flowers, additional gifts or to read more about their mission of ensuring ethical flower sourcing and high-quality products, please visit their website at https://blumenhaus-frei.ch.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/blumenhaus-frei-aims-to-launch-a-new-and-improved-website-in-january-2023-so-you-will-have-better-access-to-their-beautiful-range-of-flowers/

About Blumenhaus Frei

The Blumnenhaus Frei attaches great importance to: family, employees, quality and the sophisticated art of tying bouquets. From our more than 35 years of experience, we know that these four factors are closely related.

Contact Blumenhaus Frei
Ziegelfeldstrasse 60
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