San Diego, CA (December 21, 2020) – Billy Crafton looks to be your tour guide through some of the city’s finest.

While most of the United States bears down for winter, it’s never really cold in San Diego, California. In celebration of the wonderful climate and the city at large, Billy Crafton just launched his latest website, Billy’s latest online endeavor hopes to help people find some of the best places to visit when they are in San Diego.

“Here at Billy Crafton San Diego we focus on restaurants, bars, museums, and beaches, four perfect pastimes to enjoy in California’s most amazing city (yes, we’re biased),” Billy notes.

Of course, right now none of these four key venues are being visited in a normal way, and some in no way at all, as COVID-19 surges force lockdowns and California tries to fight the pandemic.

“Obviously, now isn’t a time where we’re all going out to museums, bars, and restaurants like we normally would, and even beaches to a different extent as well,” Billy Crafton notes. “That’s why the new website is really more for when the pandemic subsides, hopefully at some point in 2021,” he adds.

He also estimates that the site will be fully populated in time for Summer 2021, in hopes that we may finally be able to enjoy the summer.

As the introduction notes, “From outstanding restaurants, like Nectarine Grove and their delicious smoothies, to some of the greatest bars in the world (San Diego really is just that cool), to world class museums and California beaches that are the envy of the entire state (hint, the water’s warmer here), you’re going to fall in love with San Diego…

We’re simply here to help facilitate that process!”

As an avid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor as well, Billy’s also contemplating adding a fitness component to the site, but says there are no concrete plans for that to occur until the pandemic is behind us. Until then, however, there will be plenty to absorb and enjoy at Billy Crafton San Diego. Unsurprisingly, as a surfer too, Billy started the new site’s blog with a post on some of his favorite beaches.

It sounds like there’s much more to come in 2021, and for all the details, visit

ABOUT BILLY CRAFTON: A longtime San Diego resident with a deep love for the city, Billy Crafton even owns a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in San Diego proper.

On the professional side, however, Billy manages his own Investment Banking Company, where he advises his entertainment, sports management, marketing, fitness, and restaurant clients. Billy also provides business management to major athletes, while still making time for speaking engagements at universities and law schools whenever he can.


About Billy Crafton San Diego

A longtime San Diego resident with a deep love for the city, Billy Crafton even owns a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in San Diego proper.

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