For those in Montana who are part of the Montana Medical Marijuana Program (MMP), offering a safe way for individuals with debilitating medical conditions to safely access the medicine they need, knowing where to find safe, pure cannabis can be difficult.

Bighorn buds are one of the most reputable medical marijuana dispensaries in Bozeman. A family-run operation, they are known for their guarantee to grow cannabis without any adulterants, chemicals, or pesticides, in the most natural way possible. Their way of working ultimately provides patients with high quality, organic, soil-grown cannabis.

So, how does Bighorn provide pure organic harvesting of medical marijuana? Here’s how patients can know the difference between organic and non-organic, and how Bighorn Buds provide the safest, purest products on the market:

  1. The use of living-soil

Over the past decade, the cannabis industry has tested and created many synthetic formulas and techniques to grow and produce cannabis. Yet cannabis thrives in the wild all over the world, particularly in environments where good quality soil is available.

This is what Bighorn Buds, the Bozeman Dispensary, concentrate on – growing cannabis as mother nature intended, without the use of harsh chemicals or man-made interventions. Following the laws of nature, they grow all their products in ‘living-soil’. This can be described as a medium containing active microbiology and biodiversity, which can include the likes of vermicompost and their castings, protozoa, healthy bacteria, amoebas, kelp extracts and more.

Research within soil science has suggested that cannabis plants thrive in these complex soil-based environments where natural elements are encouraged to exist alongside the plant. With expert nurturing from the team at Bighorn, the soil keeps its quality throughout the plants growth, resulting in a completely organic output.

  1. Solvent-less extraction

Cannabis plants contain terpenes and cannabinoids. These elements are typically known for providing the various effects of cannabis strains, whether that be smells, textures or effects, and are often extracted using chemicals such as butane, ethanol, and propane.

Using such chemicals interferes with the organic process that Bighorn Buds, one of the few all-organic Bozeman Dispensaries adhere to. Instead, as organic cultivators who are prideful of the fact that no chemicals ever touch their plants, they follow a solvent-less extraction process, giving their customers peace of mind when consuming the cleanest products available, through the use of ice, water, heat and pressure.

If you’re using marijuana for medical purposes and looking for dispensaries Bozeman, it’s unlikely that you want to risk consuming any chemicals or solvents. That’s why Bighorn Buds focus on pure, organic harvesting.

  1. A dedication to reducing their carbon footprint

Chemicals and unnatural additives can be bad for the environment. Many of the non-organic techniques used to grow cannabis can also be detrimental to our natural surroundings. This is why Bighorn Buds grow in a completely organic living-soil, under LED lights, in a controlled indoor environment. Using regenerative practices, they collect their outputs in every way possible to minimize their carbon footprint.

This dedication follows their core values. They believe that growing cannabis doesn’t have to be a strain on the environment, and through professional, cleanliness-focused techniques, a truly pristine product can be achieved.

You may be asking yourself, is there a dispensary near me that offers organic cannabis and 1:1  edibles? For residents in Montana Bozeman, Bighorn Buds is the dispensary for you

With daily specials and free product giveaways, Bighorn Buds can cater for the needs of all types of patients.


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Bighorn Buds are a licensed  Montana Marijuana Dispensary in Bozeman. Specializing in high quality, organic, soil-grown cannabis, their products are made with passion and a dedication to consistently improve. From solventless concentrates to 1:1 edibles, they strive to have everything a patient needs. For more information, please visit their website:


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