In today’s digital-savvy world, customers have big expectations. Paying online, communicating digitally, and receiving automated updates were traditionally reserved for market-leaders with big technology budgets, but the world has changed, and with it, the expectation of the customer.

For the home services industry, navigating the shift in technology and the expectation of the customer was challenging. However, with technology now widely available and dedicated platforms designed to support businesses with sales and customer management tools, it’s never been easier to provide modern customer experiences and revolutionize operations.

Platforms such as BidClips are a leading example of this. Specializing in the home services industry, they empower teams to build better customers experiences and automate sales to service pipelines, through an intuitive suite of tools and business support technology.

With interactive quote builders, automated follow-ups, lead capture forms, customer relations management systems, sales dashboards, and so much more, they are providing home service businesses the tools, technology and support needed for a digital-savvy world.

Below, we look at how sales and customer management platforms such as BidClips are revolutionizing the home service industry and supporting business growth:

Giving home service businesses the tools and support they need for modern business to customer services

Home service businesses are integral to the community. Whether it’s the handyman who fixes your heating in time for the winter, the landscape gardener who transforms your greenery, or the glass technician who repairs a crack in your car windshield, they are the backbone of society.

BidClips provide a suite of tools and support to home service businesses like these. Adaptable to suit all, it can be classed as handyman software, health service software, landscaping service software, glass company software and more. The all-in-one platform includes important elements such as:

  • Automated follow-ups with potential clients
  • Options for restocking fees, travel costs and down payments
  • Scheduling tools for in-shop or mobile services
  • Task management tools
  • Hassle-free payments

BidClips is helping home service businesses identify specific needs and providing the software to cater for them. For example, an auto glass company may have grown in size and need a comprehensive way of managing customers details. The auto glass CRM (customer relationship management software) from BidClips can be included in the platform. Specific tools and add-ons like these are revolutionizing how home service businesses operate.

Why is software important for home service businesses?

Home service businesses typically devote their time, money and effort into the quality of their product and service. However, with a shift in technology, customers expect certain service elements that rely on software. This means that there has been a sharp increase in home service businesses investing in and utilizing modern software to carry out tasks such as:

  • Capturing qualified leads through form builders
  • Getting paid faster through online payment systems
  • Analyzing real-time sales numbers and metrics
  • Communicating with staff and customers through messaging software
  • Call booking and scripting

Specific home service industries are benefitting from BidClips sales and customer management tools in different ways. For example, landscape bidding software allows landscapers to work with pre-made bid templates for easier estimating and quoting, whereas handyman bidding software allows handymen to consolidate all client communications and attract new customers.

How can platforms like BidClips shape the future of the home service industry?

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