SANTA ANA, Costa Rica – BetNow, an online gaming site, currently offers multiple betting options for the 2023 NBA Finals. The site posted their options after Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. 

Game 1 of the NBA Finals will occur on June 1st, as the Miami Heat will head to Denver to play the Nuggets. As of this writing, BetNow’s handicappers have determined that the point spread for Game 1 will be the Nuggets giving 8.5 points. Thus, bettors can pick the Nuggets to win and “give” the 8.5 points or they can pick the Heat and “take” the 8.5 points. 

In addition to the point spread, BetNow also offers other options. Players can bet what the “over/under” will be, the combined score between both teams. That number is, as of this writing, set at 219. 

Players can also bet the “moneyline odds,” which sit at Nuggets -370 and Heat at +295. This means that, if a person were to bet $100 on the Heat to win the game, then that person would win $295. Consequently, for someone to win as much as $100 betting on the Nuggets to win the game, they would have to bet $370. 

Other bet options available from BetNow include betting on what the score will be at the end of the first half, the first quarter, the third quarter, and the 4th quarter. The last does not count a potential overtime. For the “first half” options, BetNow has the point spread as Nuggets by 4.5, the over/under as 112, and the moneyline odds as Heat +225 and Nuggets -245. 

“This is an NBA Finals unlike any other. A team makes it in from the Play-In tournament and Denver, who has had so many hard-luck series throughout the years, finally gets a chance to win a championship here. This should be a great one. We’re glad to offer as many options as possible to all of our players. Last year’s NBA Finals was a great success for so many players and we think this one is going to be even better,” said a spokesperson from BetNow. 

Series Prices are also available to bettors. They can pick which team will win the NBA Championship. Currently, that sits at Nuggets -410 and Heat +315. 

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