Divinity Recovery located in beautiful Los Angeles offers drug rehab and substance abuse programs.  They offer a wide array of treatment options including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medication management
  • Intensive care management
  • Transitional sober housing
  • Drug screening
  • Recreational activities
  • Much, much more

Drug rehab helps people make positive changes in their life by rectifying behaviors.  Patients learn healthy coping skills, impulse control and emotional regulation skills. Drug rehab centers use a combination of therapy, counseling and education that is designed to diagnose and treat psychological dependency to drugs.

Divinity Recovery Treatment Centers are devoted to treating the disease of addiction.  There are several different types of drug rehab centers that offer different levels of care and treatment methods. Everyone is different so no one rehab center is going to work for everyone. You have to find what works best for you and what is going to make your recovery process the easiest for you.

Therapy is one of the most important aspects of recovery. Rehab centers offer one on one and group therapy sessions. Individualized therapy allows the patient to talk in a private, safe environment. It will also allow them time in therapy to try to uncover and address the causes of their addiction. Group therapy will give them a chance to hear other people’s stories, discuss their journey and to know they are not alone. It will give them a chance to bond, make friends and have another form of a support system.

Los Angeles is well known for being home to some of the most gifted doctors, therapists, researchers and other professionals who are working to combat addiction.  The staff at Divinity Recovery is no different.

Divinity recovery boasts some of the best drug and alcohol recovery staff in the country, and invest heavily in our top notch facilities to provide the best rehab experience and outcomes for our patients. Divinity recovery treats a multitude of mental health issues, and provides rehabilitation related services and programs to people all over the country.

Divinity recovery accepts a wide variety of insurances in order to make our services more widely affordable, as well as offers private pay clients a multitude of options for care. High success rates and reviews and testimonials from former patents are things we are proud of at Divinity Recovery. Our services include everything from sound baths to equine therapy, often times a unique approach to healing is required in order to overcome addiction, we recognize that everyone has different needs and strive to customize treatment to each and every client.

Recovery is a life long process, and Divinity recovery is here to help clients every step of the way, to produce lasting outcomes, and heal the root causes of addition, and mental illness. Trusting someone to help you with your healing and recovery process is a major life decision, and Divinity Recovery wants to earn and be worthy of your trust, to do all we can ensure you get on the road to recovery and stay on the road throughout your life.

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About Divinity Recovery

At Divinity Recovery, our mission is to provide a comprehensive and individualized and community-based forum that provides encouragement, support, and guidance in an environment that provides the tools for clients to achieve their stated goals of continued recovery.

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