Mexilhoeira, Portugal – Befreela (, a website that is devoted to helping individuals transition into a freelance career, as well as showing how to make money online efficiently, is excited to announce its recent incredible growth and crossing the 15k per month mark with its blog.

The website offers a variety of informative blog posts, courses, and resources aimed to assist those currently in an inflexible working model to a flexible freelance role, along with detailing the best tips and tricks in this career path, the benefits, and possible challenges. However, Befreela is attributing its recent growth and surge in popularity with its blog to its renewed focus on providing readers with actionable online money-making opportunities.

This new approach combines the most common online freelance jobs, such as digital marketing, private teaching and content creation, with innovative ideas like playing certain online games, selling homemade crafts or old items, and taking online company surveys.

A spokesperson from Befreela said, “In this space, we will share our experiences around the world as digital nomads; however, more than travel reports, we want to show the way for you to change your life too. Here, you will learn about a freelance career, planning to “drop everything” ways to make money online, among other tips and reports from those who have been there, on the other side of the force.”

An extract from one of Befreela’s popular money-making blogs, ‘How to make money quickly and easily: The best 23 alternatives’ has been included below:

Whether it’s to face unexpected expenses, debt, earn extra income from home office, or achieve financial goals, exploring these alternatives can provide good gains in a short time.

  • Sell used items

Selling used items is one of the easiest ways to make money fast. While individuals can get rid of items they no longer use and free up space in their homes, they can also make a profit.

Clothing, electronics, furniture, collectibles, and numerous other product items can find new homes and fill pockets quickly. Individuals can sell their detachments on online buying and selling platforms, such as Enjoei (for clothes), OLX, Mercado Livre and social networks, such as Facebook Marketplace, for other items.

  • Freelance short projects

A freelance career offers a fast track to earning money by participating in short, diverse projects. If individuals have skills in writing, design, programming, digital marketing, translation, or other areas, they can take advantage of the opportunities available online.

Freelancing platforms connect independent professionals with clients who need specific talent for specific tasks. This flexible model allows individuals to choose projects that align with their schedule and expertise, allowing them to earn money quickly.

To begin with, the best alternative is networking and websites for freelancers, such as Workana, GetNinjas, 99Freelas, and Upwork.

  • Sell Crafts

Another interesting option for making quick money is selling crafts. Individuals can create jewelry, decorations, clothes, souvenirs, cards, paintings, drawings, decorative objects, and much more.

Individuals can use digital marketing strategies to promote their work on social media or spread awareness among their circle of friends and family. In addition, they can also sell at local markets, craft fairs, physical consignment stores, or, increasingly, through online sales platforms dedicated to artisanal products or in their own online store.

  • Take online surveys

If Individuals want an easy way to make money, this is it. Taking part in online surveys is a simple way to earn extra income. Basically, the job consists of giving opinions about products, services and filling out forms.

For this, Individuals need to register with reliable market research platforms. By answering questionnaires, they contribute valuable information to companies and institutions seeking consumer insights. However, it is important to note that the amounts earned are low, and most platforms have a minimum withdrawal.

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