Today, Beachside Texas, in conjunction with King’s Ransom Foundation, shared their webinar to bring awareness to the “Hope for Honduras” Initiative. The project is building 500+ homes and helping create sustainable solutions for Matagorda Village, Honduras.

Palacios, TX – Today, Beachside Development, a Texas beachfront land development, in partnership with King’s Ransom Foundation, announced the “Hope for Honduras” initiative and shared their previously live webinar—offering a glimpse into their efforts in Honduras. The project is dedicated to building over 500 homes for the extreme poor, providing critical support, building out infrastructure, and creating sustainable solutions for the impoverished communities of Matagorda Village, Honduras. The informational webinar was held March 7th and Beachside Texas today launched the replay for all to see.

Honduras is a Central American country and is among the top five poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Over 60% of its population live in poverty. Over 48% are living below the poverty line, suffering from severe poverty that includes food insecurity and are living in houses constructed from tree limbs and trash. These Houndurans often have unclean water, lack of sanitation, and limited access to food. 

Beachside is a waterfront development on the Gulf Coast of Texas in Matagorda County. Beachside is donating a portion of their proceeds from every lot sale at Beachside to develop Matagorda Village in Honduras. The village was named after the county in Texas where Beachside is located. Beachside is on a mission to build out the entire village for a community that was ravaged by a hurricane. Beachside, waterfront land in Texas, is not only donating a portion of its proceeds from every lot sale but is also actively involving its community in hands-on efforts to improve the living conditions in Honduras. Beachside will help provide basic survival needs, create opportunities to be industrious, cultivate economic activity, and ignite generational change in Matagorda Village. The development team (along with local business partners and volunteers) make multiple visits to Honduras each year, directly participating in the construction and support of the communities they aim to uplift.

To showcase the impact of these efforts and to further engage the global community, King’s Ransom Foundation and Beachside Texas held a Live Webinar on March 7th at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. The event was open to all interested parties and provided a firsthand look at the changes being made in Honduras, thanks to the support of donors and the hard work of volunteers and partners. 

Beachside shared, “This initiative is more than a call for donations; it’s an invitation to become an advocate for the poor and to lend a voice to those who are often unheard. By joining the “Hope for Honduras” movement, individuals can take an active role in spreading awareness and supporting the mission to bring hope, faith, and tangible help to those in desperate need. Please join us in making a difference.” 

King’s Ransom Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the poor and destitute around the world. King’s Ransom Foundation operates on the principle of a “community building a community,” inviting individuals from all walks of life to join a collective force to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most. The foundation’s efforts in Honduras focus on addressing the dire circumstances faced by families living in extreme poverty, with many lacking access to basic necessities such as clean water. 

For more information on how to get involved and support the “Hope for Honduras” initiative, please visit the King’s Ransom Foundation’s Beachside Texas project page or Beachside Texas.

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Beachside is a waterfront land development on the Gulf Coast of Texas, in Matagorda County. Located in Palacios, Texas, Beachside was originally a military base founded in 1925 and is surrounded by Matagorda Bay. Beachside is transforming the Gulf Coast into a beacon of community and sustainable development. Through its commitment to Honduras, Beachside is extending its impact far beyond its local community, fostering hope and change on a global scale.


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