Nathan Smith and his office space rental agency Austin Tenant Advisors are ready to help small businesses lease small office space in Austin, Tx. Starting a small business may seem daunting without the help of professionals, and when renting small office space in Austin, Tx it can be challenging to get help from the most experienced commercial real estate agents.

There are a lot of big commercial real estate companies in Austin however not all of them have the interests of small businesses at heart, or they hand off the small companies who need to lease office space to less experienced agents.

Austin Tenant Advisors have established themselves as the “go-to office space rental agency in Austin” for small businesses. They have access to the same tools, resources, and office space listing databases as large commercial real estate firms, however what sets them apart is their 13 years of experience and use of technology which allows them to give small businesses big business level service.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and their needs have been and always will be of the utmost importance to us, said Nathan K Smith, the commercial real estate company founder. It’s important that they succeed, which is why they need the same level of service that larger companies get when leasing & negotiating office space.”

Small companies on their own have a disadvantage when negotiating office leases with landlords compared to larger companies, however Austin Tenant Advisors aims to create a level playing field. By working with an experienced team and access to real time market data those leasing smaller offices are more educated, able to mitigate their risks, and get better deals.

“One of the biggest mistakes a business can make in its early days is choosing the wrong location and getting stuck with lease terms not ideal for them as this has significant impact on the success or failure of the business,” continued Smith. “We want to offer a transparent service making sure they are educated about the market & office leasing process, and that no mistakes are made.”

When working with Austin Tenant Advisors business owners can rest easy. They get their own agent who represents their best interest in doing all the legwork in finding the perfect space and negotiating the deal. The service to them is free since landlords pay all the fees. Austin Tenant Advisors only represent tenants, never landlords. This means zero conflict of interest and allows them to dedicate their time to solely representing tenants. 

About Austin Tenant Advisors

Austin Tenant Advisors is an Austin commercial real estate agency dedicated to exclusively serving tenants and buyers in the search, selection, & negotiation of office space rentals in Austin Tx. For over 13 years they have successfully negotiated over 400 commercial lease transactions.  Through the use of their global & local network, comprehensive marketing strategies, strategic social networking tools and innovative search engine optimization techniques, Austin Tenant Advisors has the tools, experience, and resources to find great space and negotiate the best deals for their clients.


About Austin Tenant Advisors

Austin Tenant Advisors specializes in helping YOU find the best Austin commercial real estate space for lease, rent, or sale. We help companies small and large in the search, selection, negotiation, and occupancy of warehouse space, retail space, and Austin office…

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