Audiosocket is a music licensing company run by a collective of musicians and creative professionals who have one main aim: to make finding and licensing great music simple. The company’s new blog offers content creators a wealth of information, advice and tips on a number of subjects, covering topics like what music to use in a wedding video, how different genres of music can affect mood, and the importance of background music in video content. They also publish tips and tricks for filmmakers and video content marketers. Subjects include “Top Sites For Indie Filmmakers”, “How To Cast An Indie Film: Our Top Tips”, “7 Video Lighting Tips For Content Creators” and a series called “Our Guide to Content Creation” to name a few.

A wealth of information and inspiration

The Audiosocket blog is a true treasure trove of information based on a range of topics that interest and inform people looking to publish their content online. For example, on the blog there is a useful series of posts about content creation, from planning and strategizing, to conducting the right research, and editing and publishing your content.

This handy blog is packed full of tips, advice and information about all things related to music. If you’re stuck wondering what certain music industry jargon means, Audiosocket’s blog can help. If you want to learn more about micro licensing, the blog can explain. If you need track recommendations for a specific scene in your film, the blog can inspire.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect track to use on sites like YouTube or Twitch, or you’re eager to learn more about licensing and copyright rules and regulations, or you’re simply after tips and inspiration about the music industry, Audiosocket has created a blog that is the ultimate resource for you to use. Check out the blog today to find out more!

3 reasons to choose Audiosocket for Music Licensing

  • Simplicity and value
    • Audiosocket is dedicated to taking the hassle out of music licensing. You will no longer have to wade through endless tracks wondering whether you’ll get in trouble for using your favourite. All of Audiosocket’s tracks are pre-cleared and ready for you to license them quickly and easily. Fees for the service start from as low as $15 a month, and this includes access to tens of thousands of tracks, unlimited licenses, and more.
  • Quality and authenticity
    • The talented Audiosocket team includes in-house music supervisors and composers, meaning the company has all the resources it needs to see your project through, whether you need a simple song snippet or a full feature soundtrack. This, combined with their diverse music catalog containing authentic, quality tracks that are written, recorded and produced by real musicians, is how Audiosocket became known for exceptional music and outstanding service – while also ensuring artists get fair compensation.
  • Knowledge and passion
    • Staff at Audiosocket have a deep understanding of the critical role music plays in bringing video content to life. They know all about how the perfect background track can complement what is happening on-screen, making your message more memorable and communicating your brand, and they recognize how music can influence what your audience is feeling when they watch your content. This knowledge and passion for the industry is inherent throughout the blog as well as in the exceptional service they offer to clients.

More information

Audiosocket is a music licensing company founded by Jennifer Miller and Brent McCrossen that gives content creators access to a huge catalog of licensed music. The company is very innovative and created MaaS (Music as a Service), a music search and licensing technology designed for integration with video and photo sharing platforms, virtual worlds, online games and social networks. To find out more about the company and keep up with the latest blog posts, visit

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Audiosocket makes finding and licensing great music simple. We are a collective of musicians and creative professionals who work in partnership with our clients to deliver on their vision. Our soulful, energetic, and committed team understands the critical role music…

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