Lancaster, PA – The Pennsylvania sex abuse lawyers at Laffey Bucci & Kent and are currently investigating incidents of indecent assault and alleged sexual abuse involving Dr. William Vollmar of Lancaster, PA. These sex abuse attorneys are currently representing two young men who have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse by Dr. Vollmar. The firm has encouraged other victims of William Vollmar to come forward if they feel ready to take legal action and seek justice. A 24-hour hotline has been set up by the law firm to field questions and offer legal assistance to survivors. Victims and witnesses are encouraged to call the hotline at: (855) 382-3385.

As reported by, Vollmar was first arrested in March for allegedly inappropriately touching a client during a massage at Vollmar’s workplace, Stephen G. Diamantoni & Associates Family Practice in Quarryville. Since then, four other alleged victims have come forward with allegations that Vollmar sexually abused them during medical treatment at various locations, including his Quarryville office, Vollmar’s home, and Conestoga Valley High School where he worked as a school doctor.

The team of experienced sexual abuse attorneys at Laffey Bucci & Kent and help survivors of sexual abuse get justice and heal. Each attorney has a background as a former sex crimes prosecutor. This law firm understands how both the criminal justice and civil court systems can provide justice for survivors by holding sexual predators and those who have enabled them accountable. Today, the attorneys at Abuse Guardian work on civil lawsuits against predators and third parties who had a responsibility to prevent or stop the abuse but failed to do so due to negligence.

Many cases of doctor sexual abuse involve the negligence of a third party, such as the doctor’s employer. In cases of third-party negligence, the victims may have the right to file a lawsuit against both the doctor and the facility where the abuse occurred. Some common forms of third-party negligence in these cases include:

  • Ignoring patient complaints of inappropriate behavior by the doctor
  • Failing to report allegations of sexual abuse to law enforcement
  • Allowing a doctor to continue practicing while being investigated for abuse

If you or someone you love is a victim of sexual abuse by Dr. William Vollmar or another medical professional, you can learn more about your family’s legal options for justice by calling Abuse Guardian’s sex abuse hotline at (855) 382-3385.

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