Atastic offers SEO services to many industries, including restaurant SEO and Law Firm SEO. Atastic is known as an all-round digital marketing service provider who welcomes all clients in all sectors. The organization is built on top qualities from perseverance to reliability and trust. This has allowed Atastic to form a great bond with their clients over time, as they are now long-term clients who rely on Atastic for their business’s success.

The agency was started by web enthusiast Arnjen Joosten in London, UK, in November 2018. One month after starting, the company’s clients began seeing increases in positions and traffic, and to date, they created 5 million clicks organically combined for our partners in online marketing.

According to Atastic, the agency is proud of their experienced and reliable team that never falters when it comes to planning, designing and strategizing a far-reaching and influential digital marketing campaign for each one of their clients.

Atastic provides services like Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Local SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, and they cover all the requirements of their clients to create a robust online marketing strategy.

They are one of the most established and trusted names in the industry, so they aim at revolutionizing the complete digital marketing scenario and making sure that each of our clients gains considerable web presence and a healthy ROI on their marketing & branding investments.

Atastic understands the unique structure of every business and works on preparing custom-made plans that suit the client’s interest. Some of their clients include Govame Health Care, Northern Tango Art Society, and 4-star Catering.

Atastic specialities lie in restaurant SEO, and they explain how we can’t understand how SEO will benefit a restaurant without first defining what it is.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a strategy used to increase the overall metrics and eventually the rankings of a website on the search results page (SERP) of a search engine, usually based on a few targeted search terms.

So, what you want is a higher rank which results in more visibility and traffic, and therefore, more customers and money. For example, with a restaurant, it would mean a fuller dining room and a very busy cash register going off throughout operating hours.

The SEO agency mentions that SEO for restaurants works in the same way as regular SEO does; it is just adapted according to the taste of the restaurant industry.  You can look at their SEO for restaurant case study about how users search for restaurants on Google to get a taste.

Atastic also specializes in law firm SEO. However, they do mention the difficulty and challenge involved with marketing in the legal sector. Law firms have been quite slow to adopt digital marketing and securing marketing investment relies on clear KPIs around cost-per-acquisition, return-on-investment and increased revenue and profit.

However, Atastic believes that the results are worth it. Atastic has an approach for law firm SEO. First, they create better content than before, then comes optimization and creating content for target audiences, then building authority and trust. You can find more information about SEO for law firms on their website.

The SEO agency not only works on restaurant SEO and law firm SEO, but they also work in different industries, which you can find out online at If your business or brand is interested in an SEO strategy, contact Atastic today to speak to a representative. You can call them today on +44 33 3303 0944.


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