Astteria is proud to announce an extravagant new necklace that combines different gems and colours with a heart-shaped theme. The Trésor Emerald necklace is appraised for $2.5-$3.5 million.

The Trésor is an eye-catching centrepiece with:

  1. 45.9ct natural vivid green heart-shaped Zambian Emerald
  2. 4.38ct fancy vivid yellow heart-shaped diamond
  3. 65 natural heart-shaped diamonds from 3.02ct – 0.323ct totalling 48.55ct

Astteria has consistently gone above and beyond the competition by creating high carat jewellery. This is further exemplified with the new Trésor necklace. With a total carat of 98.33, you would be hard-pressed to find such a high-value piece that so beautifully blends different gems.

All the gems are GIA certified, and the certificates can be provided upon request in the viewings.

Gemstone Reports

The Gem Research Swisslab analysed the Zambian Emerald gemstone, and their report highlights the unique properties of this piece of jewellery.

Identification: Natural Emerald

Weight: 45.90 ct

Dimensions: 23.91 x 26.60 x 14.89 mm

Cut: brilliant/step (5)

Color: vivid green

Species: natural beryl

Geographic origin: Zambia

Dr. A. Peretti from the Gem Research Swisslab (GRS) described the importance and rarity of this gem in this report. Peretti states, “The combination of the very good attributes this emerald displays were concluded to be important. The fine vivid green colour radiates harmoniously in tone and colour saturation.”

Peretti continues, “A high degree of lapidary craftsmanship adds value to the rare nature of this gemstone. Emeralds of such high quality are very rare.”

After an extensive analytical and advanced testing process, the GRS described this gemstone as “rare and important.”

More About the Trésor Emerald Necklace

The precise cut and enchanting green of the Zambian emerald, a superior and more sought after kind of emerald, is enough to steal the show in any room it is in. However, when combined with the flair of the yellow diamond, it serves to amplify the striking effect as a whole.

Generally speaking, emerald and its natural radiance is rarer than diamonds, further justifying its position at the core of the necklace.

It also symbolises protection, prosperity, and growth. When combined with the love and happiness exuded by the yellow diamond, it transforms the necklace from a fashionable piece to a thoughtful gift for your family, significant other, etc.

Even the smaller diamonds that hold the bigger gems up achieve the aforementioned distinct effect. The diamonds follow the heart-shaped motif but are also angled and positioned in a way that radiates grace.

This piece is reminiscent of the last few decades’ big fashion pieces, albeit with a more modern twist.

You won’t find a piece as uniquely designed or finely refined as this at Astteria or anywhere else for that matter!



Astteria is a UK-based jewellery company that specializes in colored diamonds, and custom-made jewellery items. They have world-class craftsmen like George Hadary (George the Jeweller) and artisans who create the excellent pieces seen on their website but can also produce custom pieces. With all the products GIA certified and a wealth of experience, they have solidified themselves as the epitome of class and luxury.


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