Loughborough, United Kingdom – Armco Direct is a wholesale supplier of Armco Posts, Armco Accessories, Armco Fixings, Bollards, and Pedestrian Guardrails, that provide a complete solution where there is an obligation to protect the public, employees, and property from vehicle movements in multiple environments.

Armco Direct has a range of Armco Barriers  manufactured from solid steel and galvanised to BS EN 1461; compliance with BS 6180 Barriers in and around buildings can easily be attained by the installer.

Armco barriers can be used in industrial sites, warehouses ,distribution centres and car parks  to protect workers and assets. Produced using high-quality steel, the barriers are designed to either absorb impact and redirect vehicles back to the safe working area or to stop them in their tracks.

Protect Your Business

Armco Direct is already renowned in the United Kingdom for its selection of high-quality products and outstanding customer service.

Armco Direct Armco crash barriers can be used in multiple environments, are suitable for a range of applications both internally and externally and can be purchased either galvanised only or galvanised and polyester powder coated.

By opting to utilise Armco Barriers, you can ensure the safety of your workers, machinery, stock and buildings, as well as lowering the risk of damage to expensive equipment. The 100% recyclable steel barriers can be used for:

  • Traffic Segregation – Keep vehicles contained in safe operating areas throughout your premises.
  • Pedestrian Safety – Make sure that your employees’ and visitors’ health and safety are at the forefront of your operations with discreet yet robust safety solutions.
  • Buildings and Storage – Armco Direct offers a wide range of robust barrier solutions to protect your investments.
  • Safety and Security – Maintain site safety and security for your employees by installing reliable security barriers.
  • Car Parks – Protect pedestrian traffic in car parks and also the car park fabric
  • Loading Bays – Ensure that facilities with loading bays are following the appropriate measures for both driver and pedestrian safety.

Bollard Barriers

Among its extensive range of high-quality products, Armco Direct also offer a variety of strong, long-lasting Bollards that have been trusted by many to keep vulnerable areas protected and the workforce safe.

As an alternative to a traditional barrier system, bollards are designed to increase protection in high-risk areas where incidents can take place, such as car parks, public spaces, and warehouses.

The bollard barriers available at Armco Direct come in various heights and sizes including:

  • Crash Bollards – The crash bollards at Armco Direct are produced using 100% recyclable galvanised steel, are quick to install, and can be used for a range of different situations, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Safety Bollards – Safety bollards or security bollards are used in instances where an occupied space needs some added protection. The bollards can divide up space and be used to guide drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to enhance their safety in the event of collisions.
  • Pedestrian Bollards – These bollards are put in place to ensure that passers-by and those entering a building, car park or loading bay remain safe. The focus of pedestrian bollards is offering physical protection while not inconveniencing the pedestrians themselves.
  • Protective Bollards – A protective bollard is a name given to a short post that allows you to form a protective barrier. They are a visual aid to guide traffic and mark boundaries in the road and are commonly used in hospitals, warehouses and loading bays.

More information

To find out more about Armco Direct Ltd and to see a complete list of its products, please visit the website at https://www.armcodirect.co.uk/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/armco-direct-increases-stocks-of-armco-barrier-to-in-over-2-million-helping-keep-workers-safe-and-assets-protected-with-fast-delivery/

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