Goodyear, Arizona – Arizona IV Medics are committed to offering you their selection of electrolyte, vitamin, and mineral packed IV therapy that can help alleviate several conditions, such as food poisoning, dehydration, and hangovers, while improving your overall wellness, and is delivered directly to your home or office.

They have now launched a new updated starter guide called banana bag IV 101 that has been medically reviewed by certified physicians, so that their patients can find all the key information needed on how their nutrient rich banana bags provide fast rehydration and reduce symptoms that are linked to alcohol abuse disorders and vitamin deficiencies.

Fast, Effective Treatment

A banana bag is an IV drip bag which has a yellow colour and is usually given to patients in the intensive care units of hospitals with an alcohol abuse disorder by administrating the fluids through a needle directly into the blood stream.

Used as a standard treatment for electrolyte and vitamin deficiencies brought on by alcohol abuse, a banana bag is a quick and effective way to improve symptoms, hydration, and overall health.

In their banana bag IV 101 starter guide at, Arizona IV Medics lists the exact ingredients that are inside these IV drip bags (that are administered by their team of trained nurses and licensed health care professionals) and that can cause a range of health benefits and ease symptoms, such as:

  • Multivitamins – A banana bag will include several different foundational vitamins and minerals that are essential to maintaining optimal human health and help your body with its day-to-day functioning.
  • Folic Acid – Containing one milligram of folic acid, also known as folate, banana bags can help with symptoms linked to folate deficiencies that can be brought on by alcohol abuse, such as headaches, weakness, fatigue, and heart palpitations.
  • Magnesium – A banana bag includes one to two grams of magnesium which is an essential electrolyte that facilitates hundreds of different biochemical reactions in the human body.
  • Thiamine – Also containing 100 milligrams of thiamine, also known as vitamin B1, a deficiency in this vitamin can lead to confusion, weight loss, and cardiovascular symptoms.

As well as creating vitamin deficiencies and electrolyte imbalance, chronic alcohol abuse has also been shown to increase the risk of liver damage, different types of cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

While those suffering with the condition should seek professional medical help as soon as possible, a banana bag can improve the levels of some of these essential vitamins in the body and in conjunction with other treatments can be used to alleviate alcohol poisoning (a result of the over-consumption of alcohol), alcoholic ketoacidosis (a build-up of acid in the body from a chronic drinking problem), and reduce symptoms of a hangover.

In their previous press release about IV therapy 101, Arizona IV Medics include their helpful IV therapy guide, so that you can find out where you can receive your IV treatment – this will be either in the comfort of your home thanks to their on-demand IV services or at one of their IV drip bars – read more about their selection of different IV drip bags and benefits, while also explaining the whole process in a easy to read, step-by-step guide.

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