Appellate attorney Niles Illich has just recently joined the Texas Firm Scott H. Palmer, P.C. Niles Illich is a former briefing attorney at the First Court of Appeals for the Honorable Evelyn V. Keyes. Niles is happy and pleased to bring his expertise and unique perspective of the appeals process to the firm.

Work as an appellate lawyer

At the Law of Office Niles Illich, Niles worked as an appellate lawyer and he represented clients who had been convicted of a variety of crimes, from driving while intoxicated to capital murder. Niles also represented civil litigants who have either prevailed in the trial court and need to protect a judgment or have had a judgment entered against them.

Niles Illich has a particular method and process for his work as an appellate attorney. The first step is educating his client on the appellate process and emphasizing the differences between the issues in the appellate court and the issues raised in the trial court. The brief writing starts once the trial court clerk and the court reporter file their records, but the appellate process starts before trial. Before a criminal trial, a defendant needs to file motions to preserve issues for appellate review. Considerations of which motions to file and when are part of the appellate process.

Appellate services

As an appeal lawyer, Niles Illich works on federal criminal appeals, criminal appeals, civil appeals, sex offender appeals, sales tax appeals, and writs of habeas corpus with experience in all variety of state writs and with 2254 and 2255 writs in federal court.

Niles has represented clients in family law appeals, civil appeals, clients in the administrative process before DPS and, in mandamus proceedings.

Niles learned to be an appellate attorney by working at the First Court of Appeals in Houston. And he believes that clients and their families should have a direct line to their attorney. Niles encourages the use of email to minimize interruptions to his writing, but he gives every client a direct line to his office.

Criminal Appeals

Niles has completed more than one hundred criminal appeals. These appeals have been from small misdemeanours to the most serios felonies. Niles has represented clients in federal courts as far away as Chicago, but most of his criminal appellate work is in Texas.

Niles works in both state and federal courts. And Niles has active licenses in the Fifth Circuit, the Seventh Circuit, the Tenth Circuit, and the Ninth Circuit.

Abogado de Apelacion Penal

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More information

Niles Illich is a highly experienced criminal appellate lawyer (State and Federal) who educates his clients and emphasizes service.  His experience goes back to his first job after law school, where he clerked for one of the most accomplished appellate justices in Texas. This clerkship was like an appellate boot camp and advanced legal writing all combined into one demanding year. But it was in this one year (not in law school) that Niles learned to be an appellate advocate.

While Niles has joined Scott H. Palmer, P.C., Niles’ existing client relationships will not change. Niles can be reached directly at (972) 204-5452 or [email protected]


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