Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company is in Battle Creek Michigan located across FireKeepers Casino. Amsterdam is a world Class Store Front Offering the Largest and Highest Quality Cannabis Products in the region. Amsterdam Battle Creek boasts of a plush and comfortable lounge for customers to shop online on at site kiosks or wait to enjoy the experience at one of the finest and spectacular cannabis dispensaries in the world. Amsterdam Battle Creek has a state-of-the-art facility the covers 5000 sq feet of space, holding a wide array of the premium and purest Michigan Cannabis products. The staff and community surrounding the top-notch provisioning center have a professional look and feel, yet the connection between customers and staff feels like a community in itself. Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company is not only becoming a community staple but a tourist attraction as well, along with one of the largest and opulent Michigan Casino next door, by bringing in business to the community and contributing to the local economy in multiple ways. Amsterdam Battle Creek is now being looked at as a model for other investors, and colleagues in the industry as an example of how to do things the right way in the cannabis industry.

This World Class Battle Creek store front was founded by two partners, Savinder Singh and Kirpal Singh with vast knowledge and experience with careers span in the medical profession and business. Together they have navigated the complex legal regulations in the industry, and brought to Michigan the highest quality cannabis and marijuana products, as well as employed a healthy staff. Kirpal Singh with his business acumen and Savinder Singh, an Occupational Therapist with patient care experience over 20- years has worked with patients in a great deal of pain and suffering from mixed results from allopathic medicine consisting of Opioids. With the opioid epidemic running wild across the nation, they knew that cannabis could be a viable alternative for people with severe pain, anxiety, and depression.

The customer experience is crafted from procuring a wide array of products from across the globe, to the highly trained staff who are knowledgeable on the history and variations of each strain and product, to the plush lounge. As a customer, they help you select the perfect, and even customized product just for you, and can even give you a personalized treatment plan. You can get in and out quickly with a streamlined visit to the kiosk or find a place to relax or socialize in a luxurious and comfortable lounge area. with some great people around.

Amsterdam Battle Creek offers both medical and recreational products and has some of the best pricing in the state, as well as regular deals on their products. The pandemic slowed the opening for the provisioning center but now has opened its doors for several months. The response from the public and customers have been overwhelming. There are plenty of glowing reviews online that make it clear why this provisioning center is so special. Savinder Singh, the CEO, and the staff at Amsterdam Battle Creek have made this provisioning center a beacon in the industry, a local tourist attraction, and a local economic engine. Come out to Amsterdam Battle Creek and see what all the talk is about, enjoy the products and facilities, or set an appointment to find the right treatment for you. Any way you look at it, these guys are doing it right!

Listen to what some of our customers have to say:

“Amsterdam Battle Creek dispensary is the best dispensary around, the people are genuinely caring and the cannabis is out of this world”

-Amanda Best

“The words Dispensary Battle Creek only bring on place to my mind Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company is the place to be. They have the best selection of cannabis products and the best budtenders”

-Jonathan Williams

“If you are looking for a great dispensary in Battle Creek then Amsterdam Premium Cannabis is the best in my opinion.”

Eric Wasterman

“Amsterdam Premium Cannabis Company is awesome, I just wish weed delivery was available during the pandemic for when it’s inconvenient to visit the store front dispensary”

-Dustin Erikson


About Amsterdam Battle Creek Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Amsterdam is a stunning world-class dispensary that offers impeccable customer service and a wide array of high-quality cannabis products. We offer compassionate care to patients to alleviate pain with medical cannabis treatments. Amsterdam products offer many medical benefits that ease…

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