Ampro has launched a guide to Philadelphia, a new section to its website. It is called a Guide to the Liberty Bell. Ampro’s Guide to Philadelphia is a very detailed guide that includes all aspects of the city from its history to its culture etc. Within the guide itself, there are essential monuments mentioned as well as liberty bell, such as Independence Hall, Wells Fargo Center, Lincoln Financial Field, Penns Landing, and an overview of Philadelphia.

In the Guide – Guide to the Liberty Bell, Ampro has included the history behind the name ‘liberty bell,’ and according to Ampro, the name Liberty Bell was only introduced around 1835.  Before this, it was known as the “State Bell.”  It became an abolitionist movement. They state that – ‘This is in part due to the written inscription found on the bell.  Then the bell was officially called The Liberty Bell by the abolitionist publication, The Anti-Slavery Record.’

Also, in the Ampro Guide, they talk about Famous Crack. Since the bell was too heavy the first two times it was made, the bell cracked within hours of ringing.  The manufacturers of the bell thought they had fixed the problem, which they did, but it continued for many years, and the bell did crack.

It is thought that somewhere in the first 50 years of the 1800s, the bell cracked. When the mayor of Philadelphia wanted the bell rung for George Washington’s birthday, the city made many attempts to repair the crack.  The crack it seemed had been fixed. However, it broke very severely soon after.

At one point, it was mentioned that the bell was deemed beyond repair, and so the bell was taken out of service.  Interestingly, the bell went on a national tour in the late 1800s and 1900s.  It stopped in many towns and cities throughout the nation.  In 1915 the bell went on a long trip from Philadelphia to San Francisco.  It is thought that over 25 percent of the United States population was able to see the famous bell.

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Above all else, Ampro is the most experienced printer in the country- celebrating 45 years in business. Our artistic approach to printing creates a much higher level of quality than “industry standard.”  As the primary printer for the WWE for…

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