PHILADELPHIA (January 2022)—Philadelphia-based i Fund Cities, a renegade startup disrupting the traditional “behind-the-curtain” real estate investment lending system, is making their KICK-A$$ fix and flip loans available in Wilmington, NC.

Unlike other fix and flip lenders in Wilmington, the company stands shoulder-to-shoulder as partners with their investors, while offering wide-open insight into their lending process, rates, and terms. 

In addition, i Fund Cities’ broadly curated sources of funding allow them to structure fix and flip investor loans in Wilmington with creativity and flexibility. This funding diversity propelled i Fund Cities forward during the global pandemic, while other lenders sat it out or went out of business.

The company’s tagline, “Built for Investors by Investors,” reflects a key factor in the company’s surging success. Explains Co-Founder Ryan Herting, “As an investor, I wanted a lender I could relate to, lean on, and learn from. That lender would need to be entrepreneurial, real estate savvy, and have my back when I sourced a good deal. Unfortunately, that company just wasn’t out there. Now it is!” 

Company Co-Founders Ryan Herting, Chris Tereo, and Bryan Ziegenfuse formed i Fund Cities in 2018. They combined their decades of real estate, finance, lending, sales, and construction industry experience to form their vision—a lending company that was more hustle and grit than suit and tie, with owners and team members who were the opposite of the “pencil-pushing-sit-behind-a-desk” type of lender that has, up to now, defined the industry.

The group had vision and expertise, but they needed funding. Recalls Herting, “For over a year, we kicked in every possible door for startup capital. We were told things like, ‘You can’t do volume to scale,’ ‘You don’t have the lending experience,’ and, ‘If it works out, we’ll discuss a new structure.’” Finally, a bank loaned them a million dollars.

“Now, we just needed customers!” explains Herting. “We thought that would be the easy part, but we were wrong. We found that all of our real estate buddies already had major lending relationships.”

That was the case, anyway, until the global pandemic changed everything.

“We were baffled,” explains Herting. “Our business had just started gaining traction when the capital markets froze, stopping market liquidity overnight. But our team was determined to support our investors and grow the company. When we found a large capital source, not tied to institutional money, we rolled the dice and signed our lives away to get that funding for the company. That allowed us to continue funding our investors.

“As other lenders stopped lending because their capital sources had dried up, we started taking market share. That is when we saw that our lending platform was unique and sustainable, and something we needed to continue growing upon to weather other storms on the horizon.” 

In a few years, i Fund Cities has become one of the fastest growing private fix and flip lending companies in the country, supporting thousands of investors. From the first-time fix and flip investor to the highly experienced rental property portfolio owner to the major developer carving out investments in the tens of millions, i Fund Cities is backing the dreams and aspirations of investors at every level in cities like Wilmington.

Says Herting, “The bottom line is that fix and flip investors recognize the value of having a lender who gives a damn about their success, and who has their back. This translates into investors doing more deals annually and scaling their portfolios exponentially faster.”

That is why i Fund Cities is on fire, and why the company that has already changed the lending game in Philadelphia, is expanding the availability of their KICK-A$$ fix and flip loans to Wilmington, along with 26 other major cities across the country. (Loans across all asset classes are available in other cities on a case-by-case basis.)

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ABOUT: i Fund Cities is an “alternative” investment lending platform offering customized real estate funding options for every level of investor across a full range of lending products. As investors ourselves, we are just like the thousands of real estate investors who come to us for funding: more hustle and grit than suit and tie. 

We offer Wilmington fix and flip investors speed, transparency, expertise, and a personalized investing partnership that they are just not going to find anywhere else.


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i Fund Cities is a flexible and reliable lending platform providing Kick A$$ Loans to residential real estate investors nationwide.

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