With over 26 years of experience, the Airtime Heating and Air Conditioning team is committed to providing the best heating and air conditioning services for homes throughout California. They specialize in maintenance, installation, or repair on all kinds of systems so you can cool off during hot days or warm up on colder weekends – no matter your home’s specifications. The prices are also affordable in significant cities nearby. If you’re looking for a reliable service provider that will get the job done right the first time, look no further than Airtime Heating and Air Conditioning. Take a look at their specialized HVAC Oceanside services:

HVAC Installation

They have a unique air conditioning installation process. First, they come by your home and run through a brief inspection to ensure that it’s the best HVAC for your home. The HVAC technician will then install all the HVAC system parts, including air ducts, registers, furnaces, condensers, coils, and more. In the end, you receive a complete HVAC system with filters, a controlled thermostat, and dual cooling/heating capabilities.

You will be pleased with how quiet your home will be when the HVAC installation is complete, thanks to a brand new air conditioner that features superior insulation and reduced sound levels. The ductwork for our heating system or furnace is carefully fitted with insulation to reduce energy loss.

They offer full-service installation and a 10% OFF to any new building, so whether it’s a new ventilation system, attic insulation, or a custom-designed central cooling solution, they will guarantee 100% satisfaction from start to finish because they want you to recommend them to your friends and family members.

HVAC Repair

Airtime has been in business for over 26 years and they’ve gone through extensive HVAC Repair Oceanside training to perfect their craft. They will check your furnace and repair or replace parts as necessary.

Air Conditioning Repair service includes:

  • troubleshooting leaks or malfunctions in any component of an HVAC unit
  • adjusting systems to make them work efficiently
  • replacing a faulty part in any HVAC unit
  • carrying out HVAC system maintenance work
  • routinely testing HVAC systems.

HVAC Maintenance

Airtime is committed to keeping the most up-to-date information on what you should do each season regarding HVAC maintenance. Once a month, they come by and clean your system, change out filters and address any issue that may arise, whether it be noise or efficiency problems.


More Information

Airtime Heating and Air Conditioning have been providing HVAC services throughout California for more than 26 years to take care of any HVAC needs. Whether you need to cool off during hot days or warm up on colder weekends – they’ve got just what you’re looking for. 

Airtime Heating and Air Conditioning earned their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau after establishing themselves as a trusted service provider in various major cities nearby. With more than two decades of industry experience, you can count on them to keep your home cool during hot days or warm on chilly nights.

Hiring an experienced Oceanside HVAC repair can save you time and reduce stress throughout your renovation project. If you want the most affordable prices along with top-notch customer service, then look no further. The Airtime Heating and Air Conditioning team pride itself on being a dedicated and reliable service provider.

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