Norwich, United Kingdom – Based in Norwich, England, Air Landline offers 100% UK area code coverage nationwide, allowing businesses to obtain a local landline number for any town or city based in the United Kingdom.

The company has received constant 5-star ratings since its inception, and this has allowed Air Landline to expand its area codes to over 660 locations across the UK, as well as streamline its customer service capabilities to provide business owners with support for any aspect of their business calls to help them grow while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

“If you wanted to get a landline number diverted to your mobile number with major telecoms providers, it would cost approximately £20 a month line rental, a £5 call diversion add-on, and then 20p per minute for each call diverted to your mobile,” said a spokesperson from Air Landline. “You also wouldn’t have the ability to add a welcome message and hold music to elevate your business. You’d also get charged ridiculous amounts for add-ons like call recording. Some providers do have the option to divert to an App to avoid diversion fees; however, it requires an internet connection which causes call connection issues. Air Landline only charges £9.99 a month (+VAT), diverts to your actual mobile number as a normal call, so you don’t have connection issues, and includes a ton of features such as call recording and voicemail transcriptions sent to your email at no additional cost.”

Unique Business Features

Air Landline offers businesses looking to separate work and personal calls a virtual landline number in their chosen location within the UK, along with many additional features, such as:

  • A Customised Call Experience for Your Brand 

With the Air Landline control panel, you are in charge of communication. 

You can choose your welcome message, hold music, and business voicemail to tailor your customers’ call experience to suit your business needs. 

  • Instant Setup

All you have to do is enter the area code you would like and your mobile number when you order at Air Landline. 

You will then swiftly receive a new local number via email, and when someone calls your new number, it will ring on your mobile. 

  • Business WhatsApp

Air Landline allows you to separate WhatsApp for business on the same phone as your personal WhatsApp.

Additionally, the app will include extra time-saving messaging features, including automated away messages, quick replies, and greeting labels, along with a catalogue and business information page. 

  • Never Miss a Call

If you have an existing number, you can also transfer to Air Landline. You can divert incoming calls to multiple mobiles, so someone else can answer them when you are unavailable. 

Air Landline also gives you the opportunity to set your opening hours, and calls that are received out of these times will be directed to a professional voicemail and transcribed before being sent to your email.

  • No More Surprise Meetings

An Air Landline number gives you a notification when an incoming call is for your business, making establishing a work-life balance easy.

  • A Local Experience 

Customers prefer to deal with a local business, and a virtual landline number instantly tells customers in your chosen UK location that you are local.

Secure Calls

Air Landline has network operation monitoring taking place by its skilled team of technicians 24/7.

The platform utilised by the company is load-balanced and distributed down to the individual data packets that ensure ongoing, uninterrupted communication even in the rare event of a multi-server failure. 

Additionally, Air Landline features layered security protocols that push industry standards to the extreme by securing your calls and protecting your data and intellectual property from bad actors. 

If you ever need assistance, Air Landlines’ renowned customer service team can help resolve your issue and will always strive to do more, create more, and support your business calls in any way they can.

More information

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