Over the past decade the healthcare industry has experienced a major shift to embrace AI and big data. While advancements in technology have and always will play a major part in further developing our capabilities and knowledge in this area, the shift to understand, incorporate and act through AI and big data is certainly noticeable and notable.

Somebody who knows the impact that AI can have within the healthcare industry more than most is Bruno Basile from B&B SRL. Bruno is a leading healthcare technology inventor who not only has a history of encouraging and implementing AI within this field, but he’s also one of the pioneers behind Temnography, an innovative approach to studying human tissues from the electromagnetic perspective.

As part of AI Journal’s AI and Robotics for Healthcare Interview Series, Bruno sat down and discussed the likes of:

  • Emerging Trends in AI Healthcare Sector
  • Temnography’s incredible ability to save a life
  • The functional mechanism and the roadmap of Temnography

Below, we provide a very brief snippet of the interview with Bruno Basile:

  1. Emerging Trends in AI Healthcare Sector

“In the last ten years, the grooving of Healthcare technologies was fast and with many new devices and many expectations. Sure, the AI in this sector gave a big push for improving performance and reached new targets. Covid19 made this process a bit less fast in 2020 and showed how it is essential to spend energy and resources for healthcare worldwide”.

Bruno believes that AI is particularly critical within the diagnostic field, as big data analysis is the key to reaching amazing results.

  1. Temnography’s incredible ability to save a life

We know that Temnography has an incredible ability to save a life, whether it’s a stroke, hemorrhagic or ischemic. But how does technology play a vital role in facilitating Temnography to function?

“A small radar that ‘looks for’ a lesion in the human body and gives confirmation and location to the operator. In the case of a stroke, the Temnographer ‘looks for’ the hemorrhage. It is the excellent revolution introduced by Computerized Tissue Temnography, a new diagnostic imaging method developed starting from the 2000s and finally patented in 2016”.

  1. The functional mechanism and the roadmap of Temnography

Bruno has specifically focused on Temnography and its ability to address strokes. He explained that the development of the technology has been exhaustive, taking many years of research, analysis, and refined development to bring to market. It’s now being used to detect blood effusion in the brain, but Bruno believes the next big step is to improve the image definition that is outputted.

“In the next five years, resolution and contrast will be implemented until reaching the image definition of CT or MRI, opening scenarios for medical diagnostics of great expectations, allowing Temnography to work alongside other diagnostic imaging methods with necessary implications and in multiple applications”.

Interested in learning more about Temnography and healthcare inventor Bruno Basile?

It truly is an exciting time to keep on top of the advancements in AI, data and specifically to Bruno, Temnography, in the healthcare industry. If you’d like to see where the future takes us, follow the story:

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