Adobe will be discontinuing their legacy Adobe Flash Player software this month on the 31st of December.

As a result, AGR Technology, a technology business based in Shepparton, Australia has uploaded and made available an archive of the software to preserve the old software for users in future. This will be useful for those who may need to download it for comparability purposes or to run older presentations or games.

The Reasons for Discontinuation

Adobe Flash has been a popular choice for many individuals online over the years, however, the platform has experienced several issues. According to AGR Technology, these included areas such as security as many vulnerabilities came to light and also mobile compatibility issues which made it difficult for Adobe to lock-in developers and publishers as mobile and open standards like HTML5 rose to popularity.

With that in mind, Adobe Flash will be discontinued by the end of this month and it may not be available for download in future. As mentioned above, individuals can access the Adobe Flash Archive online.

AGR Technology has created a page online to provide the final version of Flash for download in order to continue running older legacy software, if any individual prefers or requires it.

AGR also includes some links with more information about the Flash technology too and have made available a mirror on copy and encourages supporting the work of the archive by donating to their cause. runs a very useful public service allowing users to access archived copies of historical content online.  – the web service is dealing with huge demands since the pandemic started, with over 1.5 million daily visitors who are collectively storing more than 70 petabytes of data.

Google and Social Media Presence

You can find AGR Technology on Google or by going straight to their website which contains blog posts and software utilities for download.

Some of the newly updated blogs include the announcement of new features such as their new booking system where you can schedule a call, the blogs include information on how to help with promotional videos, to assistance and services offered like Pay per Click ad campaign.

You can also find AGR Technology on social media, the software business also maintains their own YouTube Channel which has amassed over 3 thousand subscribers.

Anyone interested in learning more about AGR’s services can also Follow them on Facebook, which is a great place to watch videos about the company’s services such as custom software development, and various business services and solutions.

More information

AGR Technology also provides the following services to local businesses; SEO, Web Design & Hosting and Software Development. The business serves businesses in various locations across  Australia such as Shepparton, Kyabram, Albury, The Goulburn Valley and Melbourne areas.

Visit their website today to make an appointment or browse through the various blogs and services on offer at


About AGR Technology

Originally founded in 2013 AGR Technology started out as a YouTube channel and later blog to share technical tutorials. Initially focusing on Android customization and later Windows, Linux, Security and other tips and tricks around technology.

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