Agência Brasileira de Traduções has a highly experienced and qualified team of translators, proof-readers and editors. The rigid quality process developed by the translation company guarantees technical quality, linguistic precision and reliability to the translated material.

Agência Brasileira de Traduções is located in Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná, located in the south of the country, Brazil. The city is trendy for its parks and its detailed urban planning, Curitiba knows how to welcome its visitors.

The translation company, Agência Brasileira de Traduções, has a particular process of translating documents. The following steps they include are:

  • Request a free quote
  • Receive a proposal
  • Immediate start
  • Receive the service

You can send your request with as many details as possible so you can receive a precise proposal that perfectly fits your need. Agência Brasileira de Traduções add that you are thorough, send all attachments, deadlines, languages, quantity, project particulars and any other essential details.

After this, you will receive a proposal containing all the necessary information, such as the description of the service, terms of payment and conditions of delivery, among others. Then you must send the written approval of the proposal.

Once you approve the contractual conditions, the Project Manager responsible for your project will immediately start by choosing the most exceptional trained professionals with the knowledge and experience to deal with your project, ensuring the highest quality.

Then the service will be delivered complying with all pre-agreed conditions. If something is to occur during execution, then the PM will contact you to solve any problem with you. Your translation is done quickly, with a high standard and no bureaucracy.

One of their leading services of the translation company is Tradução Juramentada em Curitiba, translated as sworn translation. Another term for it is a public translation; this translation is for validating documents issued in a foreign language and is compulsorily performed by a certified sworn translator.

A definition of a sworn translator is simply someone who is authorized by the Foreign Office to translate official documents. With each country, accredited translators and interpreters are known by different official names.

For instance, in Brazil, Portuguese is the language in question, the official denomination is sworn translator-interpreter (tradutor-intérprete juramentado). Compared to a regular translation, Tradutor Juramentada em Curitiba (a sworn translation) is different in that it needs to be signed and sealed by a sworn translator, thus clarifying it as an official and formal status.

With every sworn translation there has to be a certificate whose signature and the Foreign Office has registered seal, and this is done through the District Council of the region in which the translator works.

There are many instances in which a sworn translation may be required, such as institutions if they are dealing with documents in a foreign language. Furthermore, a sworn translation will be necessary when validating an international university degree in the Ministry of Education.

Also, when studying abroad, it is necessary to present an academic record, which should be certified by a sworn translator. As well as marrying abroad, a sworn translation of the birth certificate of the foreign spouse(s) is, most of the time, a requirement.

If you require a translation service such as Tradução Juramentado em Curitiba, contact Agência Brasileira de Traduções today at (41) 99173-0925 or visit their website at for more information.

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Agência Brasileira de Traduções has an experienced and qualified team of translators, proofreaders and editors, ready to meet the most diverse demands. The rigid quality process developed by our company guarantees technical quality, linguistic precision and reliability to the translated…

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