Dubai, United Arab Emirates – is a Google News-approved website that provides traders with information on global and local (in Saudi Arabia) market trends and analysis, the best way to learn about stocks, كيف اشتري اسهم (how to buy shares), as well as the latest news on Crypto and Forex through their selection of 800 in-depth and straightforward articles.

They have now released the latest news on trading stocks in Saudi Arabia and the opportunity in the US market for GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain) investors to trade stocks. also supplies traders with over 40 reviews of popular brokers in the middle east, especially in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, along with offering daily financial and technical analysis for EURUSD, gold, stocks, GBPUSD, and Bitcoin.

Learn Stock Trading offers its readers a large range of detailed articles to help them start their journey as an investor or stock trader, as well as crucial advice on how to reap the most benefits and the most common mistakes to avoid.

Some of these articles include the topics:

تعلم التداول من الصفر – Learn to Trade From Scratch

Before learning stocks and trading from scratch, you should know that not everyone who trades and sells stocks is not considered a stock trader in basic investment terms.

Most traders fall into one of two groups, traders, or investors, depending on the number of times they buy and sell shares.

Investors usually rely on long-term investments, buying at regular intervals and selling little or not at all, at least up to decades.

Stock trading is not always what you see on the local UAE or New York Stock Exchange and can be efficiently set up and managed in the comfort of your own home by following the advice offered at

كيف استثمر في الاسهم – How To Invest In Stocks

Investing in stocks is one of the most successful ways to make your fortune over time, and you can do this by buying a number of shares in a company, such as preferred stocks and common stocks, that allows you to earn a percentage of the company’s profits. breaks down the entire process and teaches you how to invest if “you want to become like the 400 richest people in the American Forbes list who invest large numbers of stocks in various companies.”

شراء اسهم امريكية  – Buy US Stocks

Buying US stocks isn’t as complicated as many think, but provides you with the basic knowledge and research to help you feel confident with your first investment.

Their article on the subject gives you 5 simple steps you should follow to successfully open a trading account with a trading company, as well as the key differences between the types of shares, to help you gain as many benefits as possible when you buy your first share.

افضل سهم استثماري يوزع ارباح – The Best Investment Stock Dividend

Investors are always looking for profit from the shareholders in the Saudi market, as this type of company is considered one of the best options for every investor looking for a share that generates income regularly. has a comprehensive guide about the best dividend-distributing companies currently in the Saudi market (in terms of distributing profits to their shares) and shows you how to invest.

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