Advertise Purple, one of the fastest growing companies in America and the nation’s top affiliate management agency, is proud to be entering a new partnership with Dream Center for COVID-19 relief. With years of successful industry management experience and massive growth the in affiliate space, Advertise Purple stays humble despite their huge success working hard to honor to their company ethos of ‘loving thy neighbor’. To them, this means working as a team to donate as much time and money as possible towards philanthropic work in order to give back to the communities they love.

So far, Advertise Purple have raised $2,620 for Dream Center’s work to help communities through the global pandemic. This will go towards Dream Center’s goal of providing one million meals to people in need before this year is over.

A new partnership with a worthy cause

Dream Center is a valuable resource center focused on providing support to those affected by homelessness, hunger, and the lack of education through residential and community outreach programs. They have the experience and knowledge to enable them to make the most of the efforts of every single volunteer and every dollar donated, which in turn means they can create real positive change to people’s lives.

However, Dream Center have not only helped their local community; through their Dream Center Network, they have managed to help communities in 29 states and 11 different countries. Their ultimate aim is to transform the world for the better. Plus, many of the key members of the team were previous benefactors of the programs they now lead – a great testament to the fact that Dream Center’s work truly does make a difference. The men and women who make up the organization all care deeply about their community and work hard to give back to it.

Helping one another through a global pandemic

The pandemic of COVID-19 has affected people and communities around the globe in ways we could never have imagined. People are scared of all the uncertainty, burdened financially, and often cut off from their usual support systems. Through these dark times, Dream Center continue to provide some light by distributing food both on and off campus

while still complying with health and safety regulations from the CDC, city, and state. Their food trucks will distribute groceries to 22 sites on a weekly basis, and they are in the process of reopening their campus so they can support the surge in people seeking residential programs due to losses and challenges encountered during the crisis.

Advertise Purple is proud to have donated towards such a worthy and important cause, and encourages others to give back to their communities if they are able. As their president Kyle Mitnick said, “It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day current of finance and business operations. But what matters most are the people around us, and assisting the community that made this business possible.”

More information

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Please visit to find out more about Advertise Purple and their work. If you have any questions, you can email [email protected] or give them a call on 4242727400.

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