Advertise Purple is tremendously proud to be chosen as the ‘Best Workplace’ for 2020, and now two years in a row by Inc Magazine under their National Best Workplaces List. They are ecstatic to be the nation’s number one affiliate management agency.

About the Affiliate Management Agency

The team at Advertise Purple are highly experienced and dedicated to securing results for their clients. They understand how vital affiliate marketing is for e-commerce companies as it is the most profitable channel for them.

For nearly a decade now, Advertise Purple have year proven their skill and expertise, with their clients agreeing that they have noticed an average of 131% in affiliate sales growth in their first six months with Advertise Purple.  With a 9.3x increase in revenue due to Advertise Purple’s knowledge and to grow client’s brands on leading consumer websites around the world.

Chosen as the Best Workplace

President of Advertise Purple, Kyle Mitnick is beyond grateful for his team and service to be chosen as the ‘Best Workplace for 2020’ by Inc. Kyle further states that – ‘Ideas don’t build successful companies, funding, or luck, they are built through investment and growth in the right people.’

Particularly with the global pandemic right now, and how Covid-19 has affected so many companies and completely changed the work ethic for so many people, Kyle explains how different the situation is for them this year in contrast to winning the award in 2019. Even though it was chosen for the company before the situation, Kyle mentions how fortunate they are to continue providing a service.

Advertise Purple can adapt within any climate, another reason for their success and being chosen two years in a row for the ‘Best workplace’ by Inc.

Benefits working with Affiliate marketing companies

In a recent article published on their platform, Advertise Purple discuss the importance of affiliate marketing for brands, and, according to the affiliate management agency most of them – ‘leverage the most powerful concept in business: the win/win situation.’

They further explain their strength and ability to produce results for brands and witness them to succeed from user growth to increased revenue. They state that – ‘Affiliate marketing companies (  are highly effective because they’re built on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model.’

advertise purple is offering a free analysis to those interested in affiliate management.

This model can create tremendous results while at a low-risk position, this is based on if the brand itself and the affiliate partners can generate sales, because, Advertise Purple mention that affiliate marketing companies do not get paid unless your campaign produces positive results.

Fortunately, most affiliate marketing companies like Advertise Purple, take care of all the management for their clients and their brand. This includes everything from product launches to affiliate link building, and also communicate with you regularly about reports.

More information

To date, Advertise Purple mention that there are over a million affiliate websites currently, and they work with around 15,000 of the top affiliates in the world today. Thanks to the right connections, Advertise Purple can set you up with the perfect affiliate, You will be in good hands with the affiliate marketing management agency with more than $880 million in incremental revenue generated through affiliate channels.

Contact Advertise Purple today, and they will find you the right affiliate without delay, ring today on 4242727400 or email [email protected] to get started and see results. Read more about Advertise Purple and all their accomplishments and successes’ online at


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