Greensboro July 13th 2020 – ADA Website Compliance Services have just launched an inexpensive ADA compliance service. This leading digital marketing firm is based in Greensboro, North Carolina, and set up by Terry Power, co-owner of the firm.

Terry Power first initiated the service when he found out that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires website owners to make accommodations for people with disabilities in all their web content.

Inaccessible websites for disabled people

According to the ADA Compliance co-owner, “since 2015, there has been an explosion of litigation, including class-action lawsuits filed under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) against organizations that have failed to make their websites accessible to disabled people. ”

For those unfamiliar with the ADA, it is a Law that requires companies to offer and maintain sites that people with disabilities can use and access. The most recent statistics from 2018, showed that the number of web accessibility lawsuits in the U.S. increased by 177% from the previous year to 2,258.

Mr. Power has stated that “their offer of ADA compliance extends to all websites in the United States.” In addition to ADA Website Compliance Services, Mr. Power also helps local businesses grow with online marketing and branding.

Yet, Terry Power warns business owners who have a website that isn’t ADA accessible, may then be liable for a lawsuit. For example, it could be filed against your company if people with disabilities cannot access or use your site. One might argue that you didn’t intend to discriminate or exclude people with disabilities from accessing your website; however, you may end up paying thousands of dollars in lawsuits if it is simply not accessible.

ADA Website Compliance Service

ADA Website Compliance Services helps users ensure their website is ADA compliant before facing a lawsuit and a long legal battle.  Terry Power mentions in a recent statement: “We charge a flat fee of merely $899 to examine the website and build a code that can be attached to it which can bring it into compliance. In this way, the website does not need to be redone, which could be quite expensive. We complete this usually in four or five days.”

Easy Compliance states that any business with a website should make it accessible for everyone, especially with 20% of the population having a disability, be it visual, auditory, or motor. And this should alert anyone with a website to ensure it is accessible and including every individual.

Mr. Power adds, “I can take a local business and make their website inclusive in less than a week. Their announcement of the compliance can result in significant customer, client, or patient growth.” So, ADA Website Compliance Services is proud to launch its nationwide ADA compliance solutions, and website owners can avoid a lawsuit.

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