Abramson Architects has designed another community-based healthcare facility for Cedars-Sinai. The new project, a medical campus in Los Feliz, California, is the latest development in a series of healthcare centers designed for Cedars-Sinai. Past projects include the Cedars-Sinai Family Care Center and the Cedars-Sinai Urgent Care Facility (both in Culver City). The Abramson Architects designed Hillhurst Medical Office Building is under construction on Cedar-Sinai’s first campus outside of their flagship Beverly Hills site.

A bold and practical design

Abramson Architects was proud to be selected from the many great Los Angeles architecture firms to design the latest Cedars-Sinai campus.

The surrounding Los Feliz neighborhood is a combination of creative and health-driven communities featuring historic mid-century modern homes, charming bungalows, a thriving culinary scene, and a pedestrian-friendly downtown district. The Abramson Architects design team was cognizant of the neighborhood’s sensibilities and designed the new medical facility to be in harmony with the local surroundings. Even during construction, the architectural firm thought outside the box and within the community. Rather than putting up a traditional construction fence, the firm drew from the creative character of the surrounding community by collaborating with contemporary artist Nigel Sussman. Sussman designed a temporary mural made up of “seek and find” illustrations inspired by some of Los Feliz’s most well-known attractions.

Contrary to the light color scheme of Cedars-Sinai’s main campus, the Abramson Architects design for the iconic Hillhurst Medical Center comprises of a bold, yet sophisticated, metal cladding. The design’s lower level features a textural art deco pattern that pays tribute to the area’s architectural history such as numerous landmark buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright. A nod to both the Cedars-Senai brand and Wright’s Ennis Residences can be found within the incised geometric patterns of the overlapping concrete squares.

The architectural firm designs user-centric healthcare facilities to combine luxury and comfort with performance and practicality. Abundant natural light was central to this design philosophy. Once inside, the new medical center boasts large windows and skylights to allow indirect light to diffuse throughout while maintaining privacy for patients and staff. The interior details were carefully considered and consist of high-end millwork, bespoke wall finishes, accent fabrics, area rugs, and built-in banquets to reinforce the strong ties between art, architecture, design, and the Los Feliz area.

Other design elements include color-blocked acoustic art panels in the urgent care waiting area (adding a comforting element while also minimizing noise levels for patients), space dividers, and accent lighting (which adds a sense of serenity to non-clinical areas).

An award-winning architectural firm

The architectural firm has preserved constant design themes that reflect their southern California roots while remaining inventive and progressive. As such, Abramson Architects has become respected as one of Los Angeles’ best modern architects. The firm’s passion for excellence has gained acclaim from industry peers and worldwide media outlets, as well as over seventy five design awards to date.

Abramson Architects specializes in projects involving people-centered healthcare facilities, intelligent workspaces, places of worship and community, dynamic retail spaces, flexible learning spaces, and iconic private residences. The firm’s goal is to find the perfect balance in every physical space by merging functionality with form and combining subtle and dramatic designs to create inviting, unique, practical spaces that elevate the human spirit.

More information

Abramson Architects is an award-winning architectural firm based in Los Angeles that has spent over 2 decades designing spaces to elevate and inspires a meaningful human experience. The firm’s architecture meets the practical needs of the client, while creating a space that is splendid to behold. If you’d like to find out more about the firm, please go to their website at abramsonarchitects.com. If you have an inquiry, please call +1310 838 8998 or email [email protected]

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