Has your attic been infested with bats? It starts with a few fleeting glances of bat silhouettes at sundown. Then you start to hear chirping and scratching. Head up to your attic, and if you see droppings and damage, then you most likely have a bat problem.

Unlike your usual rodent or bug infestation, bats are a challenging creature to remove and can bring danger to your home. Nobody knows this better than Richard Lisenby, proud owner of AAAC Wildlife Removal of Texas Gulf Coast. Richard specializes in bat removal and attic restoration. As a veteran owned and operated business, having served in the U.S army, and as the proud father to two beautiful daughters, he knows how important it is to provide a safe and secure home and operate a business with integrity.

The family-based business has been helping homeowners safely remove bats and restore peace and security to their homes for many years. While you can try to remove them yourself, it’s never worth the risk, and it’s best to call in expert Richard and his specialist team.

Below, Richard outlines 5 tips for removing bats from homes and properties:

  1. Always remove, rather than exterminate (it’s the law)

When bats take hold of your attic, destroy insultation and leave hazardous waste all over your walls and floors, it’s easy to become frustrated and look at ways of exterminating. However, you should never, ever exterminate.

The fact is that it is illegal to eliminate a bat. They are protected in most parts of the country and require expert handling to be removed.

  1. Identify how the bats got in (cracks, openings, broken seals)

Bats are very nimble creatures that can slip in through even the smallest of cracks or openings. Once they determine that your attic would make the perfect home for their colony, they invite the whole family over and unless correctly dealt with, will stay for a long, long time.

Finding the entry points that bats use can be difficult. Often there isn’t one single access that they are entering through, and it will require some serious detective work to find all the potential access points that the bats are using.

  1. Wait for the bats to leave (it sounds crazy, but they need to hunt, and will leave)

It’s incredibly difficult to ‘trap’ bats. Unlike rodents, raccoons, or squirrels, they provide a much greater challenge, not just in terms of numbers, but in agility. Trying to trap a bat is a hopeless endeavor and you’re better off waiting for them to leave on their on accord.

The bats will go hunting during the dead of night, and this is your opportunity to barricade your home and ensure they cannot return.

  1. Seal up the access points the bats are using

Our experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Texas Gulf Coast install one-way doors at all the access points identified. Ideally this step would be taken before the bats leave to go hunting, as the doors do not allow reentry, however, you may not have access to such specialist equipment.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to act fast once the bats have left the attic. First, check that all the bats have left, and there are no stragglers left behind. Now you’ll need to seal up all your home entry points. While this isn’t a surefire way to deal with the problem, it’s the best approach when trying to address the issue yourself.

  1. Clean up the mess the bats left (be careful, it can be harmful to humans)

The mess that bats can leave behind isn’t only unpleasant to look at, but it can be dangerous to inhale. Their mess is called ‘guano’ and can transmit a fatal fungal infection referred to as histoplasmosis.

You should not try to clean up bat guano up without having expertise in this area. Leave this task to a bat control expert such as AAAC Wildlife Removal of Texas Gulf Coast. Gloves and protective wear are an absolute must, as you can inhale it by simply being near it. Don’t run the risk – call an expert.

Removing bats from a home or property is tricky business – let the experts take care of it

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Texas Gulf Coast can take away the burden of trying to remove pesky bats from your home. They are the local experts, and have a tried, tested, and non-harmful removal process that follows these steps:

  1. Identify each bat entrance hole into your home (a thorough examination can take many hours, but this gives you the best chance of securing your home)
  2. Set up one-way doors at each access point
  3. Confirm that every bat has been removed from your attic
  4. Seal all the entry points
  5. Clean all the harmful bat guano in the attic utilizing protective devices
  6. Replace insulation (if needed)
  7. Fix any kind of interior or outdoor damage (Richard is an attic restoration specialist)

To learn more about bat control, or to enquire about bat removal services, visit the AAAC Wildlife Removal of Texas Gulf Coast website or call 832-662-7677.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Texas Gulf Coast team also service the following cities:

  • South Houston
  • Baytown
  • Galveston
  • Beaumont
  • Clear Lake
  • Webster
  • League City


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