Raccoons may look cute with their bandit style masks and charming waddles, but they are a real problem to residents in Utah. They take control of attics, sheds and barns, trawl through dumpsters, leave droppings that can be harmful to humans, and even fight to the death.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Salt Lake City are experts when it comes to the humane raccoon removal. Servicing both residential and commercial properties in Salt Lake City, their pest control team use specialist equipment, backed up by years of knowledge and experience, to not only successfully trap and remove raccoons, but to repair your home so that they have little chance of returning.

Below, AAAC Wildlife Removal of Salt Lake City tell us five telltale signs that your home has a raccoon problem, and explain who to call when you need a wildlife removal expert:

  1. You’ve heard noise during the night in your ceiling or attic

Raccoons love attics. The reason they reside in attics is because for the most part, they are safe and secure locations to bring up their young. However, they can be considered noisy neighbors, and you’ll most likely hear them scratching, gnawing, or fighting late at night and in the early hours of the morning, when your home is at its most quiet.

  1. You’ve discovered garbage tossed around in your backyard

It’s no secret that raccoons enjoy rummaging through garbage, feeding off scraps and finding food to bring back to their young. Despite being very intelligent animals, they don’t cover their tracks well, and it’s easy to spot when a raccoon has trawled through your garbage as it will likely look like a bombsite. They usually do this during the early hours of the morning/

  1. You can see scratches and gnaw marks in pipes and electrical wiring

If you’ve been brave enough to venture into your attic or shed, and the raccoons aren’t there, you may spot clear signs that raccoons have not only been living on your premises, but that they’ll be coming back. They very often gnaw through plumbing and electrical wires to sharpen their teeth or to reach sources of water, and scratch marks will also be apparent. If the signs are clear, you’ll very likely need to call a raccoon control specialist.

  1. There’s visible droppings and excrement in your attic, shed, barn or jacuzzi

Unfortunately, raccoons aren’t toilet trained, and this can result in your attic, shed, barn or even your jacuzzi becoming their bathroom. A raccoon’s droppings can be infected with roundworm, and this poses a considerable health threat to anybody touching them. In fact, roundworm transmitted by Utah raccoons routinely impacts kids, as they are the most likely to ingest the droppings while in the backyard or play area. Never clean up the mess yourself – always call in a wildlife removal expert.

  1. (Perhaps the most obvious!) You’ve spotted a raccoon in your home or garden

Raccoons will do their best to avoid contact with you. However, if you’ve spotted one or multiple raccoons on your premises, it’s critical that you call a raccoon pest control team as earlier as possible to resolve the issue. The team you call should adhere to the rules and regulations around animal trapping, and you should never, ever use a pest control service that use poison. This poses many risks, as the unsafe substance can easily be tracked around your home, putting your family and pets in jeopardy.

Who should you call if you have a raccoon that needs to be removed?

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Salt Lake City are the team to call. Proudly providing wildlife pest control services to the surrounding areas of North Sale Lake, they are experts when it comes to humanely trapping and removing raccoons.

AAAC follow a tried and tested process to remove raccoons. This includes locating all possible entry points to your home, installing one way or two-way trap doors, trapping and remove the animal, and repairing any damage the pest may have caused. They are fully licensed and certified and adhere to all state laws and regulations around pest removal.

The cities they service include:

  • Scottsdale
  • Peoria
  • Glendale
  • Mesa
  • Goodyear
  • Gilbert
  • Paradise Valley
  • Fountain Hills
  • Chandler
  • Cave Creek
  • Avondale

If you have a raccoon problem and need expert removal, call the team today on 801-960-4876.


More Information:

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Salt Lake City is a proud member of the AAAC Wildlife Removal family of franchise companies. Our wildlife operators are trained with the most up to date techniques to handle all of your wildlife needs. If you’ve got a wildlife problem, we can fix it! Learn more via the website: https://salt-lake-city.aaacwildliferemoval.com/

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