A Space in the City organises meeting room hire for companies and entrepreneurs in Cardiff. A Space in the City, for many years now, have set up Cardiff meeting room hire for companies who need the space for meetings to discuss essential agendas or information with their team. Whether you are a small or large corporate company, A Space in the City is happy to accommodate any business.

So, if you are currently looking for a space or really need a regular space for meetings, A Space in the City have got a variety of spaces for you. Some are large boardrooms and some are smaller work pods which are perfect for entrepreneurs who may have one on one meetings or have regular conference calls on Skype and need the quiet space. A Space in the City do also have their larger coworking space also, but the pods are more suitable when you’re having a private call or meeting.

One of their meeting rooms in Cardiff is called the St Andrews Meeting Room. This meeting room is state of the art, high technology, with a modern and visually appealing design. It has a 60” touch screen and free lightning-fast WIFI. If you don’t believe this, A Space in the City recommends coming in for a visit and see for yourself when you are viewing the meeting rooms.

Not to mention, the meeting room is full of natural sunlight, A Space in the City says it is perfect for ‘those blue-sky thinking moments.’ The room also hosts up to 30 guests and comes with delegate stationery, and on your arrival, refreshments are supplied.

A Space in the City wants to ensure you get the most out your meeting room hire and that your meeting runs smoothly, that is why their meeting rooms are entirely flexible when it comes to setting up on the day.

There are many benefits to meeting room hire Cardiff, such as:

  • Natural daylight
  • 60-inch touch screen TV
  • Audio-visual equipment available if needed
  • Delegate stationery
  • Refreshments on arrival
  • Free high-speed WIFI

If you are wondering what the capacity is of some of the meeting rooms, A Space in the City state that seated boardroom style, the meeting room can fit up to 18 people, theatre style it can fit up to 23 and standing up it can fit 30 people.

A Space in the City organises the meeting room hire so that you can tailor your day appropriately to the needs of your business. Also, if you find yourself needing a break during your meeting, you can relax in their social spaces and brainstorm.

A Space in the City can accommodate any business or company who would like to hire a meeting room for the day or for some time to meet with their team and discuss important agendas for that week. If you would like to view the meeting room itself beforehand, A Space in the City is happy to arrange this, so you have a good idea of the rooms and if it is suitable for your team.

You can contact A Space in the City today on 029 2009 9889 if you are interested in small meeting room hire and you can join the Meetspace community at A Space in the City. You can also email for more information using the following email address patri[email protected], and you will receive a response promptly.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/a-space-in-the-city-organise-meeting-room-hire-for-companies-in-cardiff/

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