When modernising a space, days and weeks can be lost to painting surfaces, changing wallpaper, updating lighting fixtures and accessorising with enough plants to mimic an arboretum. Yet more often than not, our misguided loyalty to our worn-out sofa ensures that it escapes the clutches of the clear out.

Well, no more. Instead, investing in a new modern leather sofa can ensure that no matter what interior design trends come in and out of fashion, no matter what wallpapers are thrown up and tore down or which paints are splattered from wood to wall, you’ll have a staple piece in your room that lasts for years to come.

How can this be? Simply put, the right modern leather sofa will be designed to avoid outlandish trends, instead opting for a timeless style that will last a lifetime.

Here’s 4 modern leather sofas from the skilled craftsmen and women at Thomas Lloyd Furniture that can rejuvenate your home or workspace in 2021 and appear modern no matter their surroundings:

  1. The curved silhouette with a gentle sloping back
    • A real centrepiece for any living room or study, a sofa with a curved silhouette and sloping back provides a blend of big modern comfort with a hint of traditional style.
    • For an example, take a look at the ‘Earl’ sofa from Thomas Lloyd
  2. The soft vintage leather sofa that has a grand silhouette combined, sweeping arms and antique wooden legs
    • You’ll often see these sofas as focal point of a hip creative agency, a craft ale establishment, or a trendy hairdresser. However, they look fantastic anywhere thanks to their understated but powerful design.
    • For an example, take a look at the ‘Cambridge’ sofa from Thomas Lloyd
  3. A traditional grand chesterfield sofa that has and always will make any room look modern and slick
    • Many things come and go, but chesterfield sofas remain. Regarded as ‘the’ classic sofa, you’re now more likely to find these as the focal point of modern family homes and vibrant businesses. With colours available such as Fog, Sand and Oxblood, they truly encompass a blend of traditional and modern that will stand the test of time.
    • For an example, take a look at the ‘Grand Chesterfield Leather Sofa’ from Thomas Lloyd
  4. The ultimate family-time sofa with classic curved arms, a modern square back and large moulded foam seat cushions
    • If you’re looking for something that caters for those movie nights at home with the family but never loses its modern appeal, a sofa such as this can be the ideal choice. Those big hand-crafted cushions are also great for some snooze time alone on the sofa or getting lost in a book.
    • For an example, take a look at the ‘Aspen’ sofa from Thomas Lloyd

Does it make financial sense to invest in a modern leather sofa for 2021?

The phrase on interior designers’ lips for the coming year is ‘multi-functional’. As more homes become office spaces, gyms, pop up bars and entertainment spaces, we run the risk of over cluttering and creating spaces that are aesthetically dysfunctional. However, thanks to the versatility of a well-crafted modern sofa, despite these frequent changes in layouts and colour themes, you can rest assured that your sofa will not only work with a large array of design trends, but that it’s a focal piece throughout its long lifespan.

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Thomas Lloyd was founded in 1981 and is a well renowned name in the furniture manufacturing world. They are known for their expert craftmanship, with an extraordinary amount of detail going into their hand crafted great British leather sofas. To view the range of sofas, visit the website thomaslloyd.com and for direct enquiries please call 01443 77133.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/4-modern-sofa-ideas-that-will-outlive-design-trends-and-last-you-a-lifetime/

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