Essex, Brentwood – 3DSourced, one of the largest 3D printing publishers in the world, has announced that it has finished the acquisition of 3D printer filament manufacturer Rigid.Ink.

Rigid.Ink was one of the largest producers of filament for 3D printers in the UK but stopped selling filament in recent years to focus on 3D printing content. 3DSourced has acquired Rigid.Ink to help grow the content publishing side of the business and intends to scale the content on 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D software, filament, and more.

3DSourced first agreed on the deal to acquire Rigid.Ink from Ed Tyson, the Founder of Rigid.Ink, back in 2022. The deal is now finalised. Ed Tyson is also the Founder of the Institute of 3D Printing and is now focusing on this new 3D printing project. The Rigid.Ink content, products, and brand name have become a part of the 3DSourced website, and work will be done to further grow what Rigid.Ink has created.

“We’re very pleased to announce that we have struck a deal to acquire, and all the excellent content that the team have posted over the years will now be hosted on our site,” said a spokesperson from 3DSourced. “Founded in 2014, was known throughout the industry for manufacturing and selling some of the highest-quality 3D printer filament around – and at a time when 3D printing was still in its infancy, and getting ahold of reliable 3D printer filament was a real struggle. We have agreed on a deal to host that excellent content on our site and to keep it updated as changes and advances occur in the industry as part of our commitment to being the most informative 3D printing site on the web. All the content from the site is available within this section of our site, and you can view all the posts previously on that site below.”

Deputy Editor of 3DSourced, Scott Hamill, will oversee the content writing, editing, and growth, with the goal being to become the largest 3D printer filament information source in the world.

About 3DSourced

3DSourced was founded in 2017 with one overarching goal: to be the world’s most informative 3D printing source and, since its inception, has interviewed some of the biggest figures in the 3D printing industry.

The website aims to become the premier resource for 3D printing fans, makers, and businesses all over the world for the latest and best 3D printing news.

3DSourced strives to create the most comprehensive guides to 3D printers, 3D printing technologies, 3D software, 3D scanners, 3D printing services and 3D printer manufacturers, and ensures all the information provided on its website adheres to strict set of values, these are:


3DSourced takes care to present information without bias and will turn down business if its team cannot genuinely recommend the product. Therefore, if a product is promoted or recommended on 3DSourced, it is because the website truly believes in the company, the product, and the technology.


The website aims to showcase some of the most exciting, inspirational and extraordinary developments in the 3D printing sector and further people’s interest in this growing technology.

3DSourced believes 3D printing will become more and more impactful in the coming years and intends to help democratise it further by inspiring curious minds, as well as bringing it, through offering a plethora of guides and resources, to the world’s attention.

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The 3DSourced brand is built on only publishing the highest quality content possible; the website’s team will always try to go above and beyond with their research and never cut corners in their content writing process.


At 3DSourced, the purpose is to educate people on the current state and future of 3D technologies. The website takes care to provide bias-free and accurate information to provide the maximum education and benefit to their readers.

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About 3DSourced

3DSourced was founded in 2017 with one overarching goal: to be the world’s most informative 3D printing source.

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