Hartford, CT and Saratoga Springs, NY-based IT managed services provider STEADfast IT is continuing to improve its industry-leading response time by incorporating the power of artificial intelligence.

STEADfast IT welcomes MAX AI, its first ‘virtual engineer’ to the team. MAX AI is capable of proactively tackling technical problems before they become active issues that could cause client downtime. MAX’s new cutting-edge AI technology is continually evolving, adding new capabilities as it progresses.

“The IT industry average time to first response is about 5 ½ hours. That simply doesn’t work in today’s business climate. We are below 10 minutes to first response thanks to a more efficient process supported by our proprietary technology,” says Craig Skevington, CEO/Founder of STEADfast IT.

Skevington and his team of engineers are committed to a rapid IT ticket handling process and have developed the systems to support that commitment.

“Our IT process mimics a hospital emergency room. All problems are immediately triaged to determine what the problem is, what is the priority level and what skills are needed to fix it. The issue is then assigned directly to the appropriate engineer instantly. Our investment in proprietary technology and artificial intelligence only enhances our ability to serve our clients in the most efficient way possible.”, says Skevington.

In addition to MAX, STEADfast IT utilizes a proprietary workflow system called APES which stands for Administration Provisioning Execution System. APES contain a series of advanced algorithms that continually monitor and scan client computer systems looking for trends indicating a problem may be looming. 40% of client issues have been pre-detected by the APES system and resolved before they become an actual ticket. Issues are constantly being reprioritized and assignment monitored.

“Currently, MAX is solving client issues in less than 12 seconds. Incorporating artificial intelligence into our IT process is just another small step forward in our ongoing quest for faster response times,” says Skevington.

STEADfast IT is a Managed IT Services provider with offices in Hartford, CT and Saratoga Springs, NY serving customers with managed IT support including but not limited to; virtual CIO, end-user support, unlimited remote support, data storage, network security, monitoring, encrypted backups and firewalls.


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