SEO Guru is an Internet Marketing Agency offering expertise in website development, designs that convert visitors into contacts, and expert Digital Marketing services, including local SEO.

They also provide lightning-fast web hosting, to compliment your blazing fast website and design and develop websites in WordPress or Shopify.

They can handle your hosting, updates, and maintenance issues, which are all included in our monthly service plan. Once your website is designed to perfection and launched, you are not left searching for help to promote.

Also, they can help you with expert digital marketing implementations to increase your traffic for more sales. They specialize in strategic Internet Marketing, using current best practices with organic SEO campaigns, Google Ads/PPC, and conversion optimization.

They will advise you on their SEO services and if it is a good fit for you.

San Diego SEO Guru started in 2008 as a sole based SEO company, and now they offer website design and development.

One of their high success to date is all the businesses they helped to reach their online success in San Diego.

San Diego SEO Company has been helping local companies in San Diego, large and small achieve higher traffic and sales through website design, search engine optimization (Local SEO), and paid marketing with Google Ads.

They will help your company in San Diego grow for the long run. Some of their qualities as a digital marketing company are that they are friendly, honest, and are eager to show you results.

The services provided by the SEO Agency are Pay per click management, SEO Consulting, and 5-star reviews. So, they will make sure your pay per click campaigns are fully streamlined for maximum click-through rates and conversions.

San Diego SEO Guru is experts in San Diego based SEO services will make sure your website structure is search optimized or make sure your design firm does not hurt your existing traffic with that re-design.

According to the SEO specialists, their clients are delighted with their search engine optimization skills, and they have helped their clients business improve significantly.

They specialize in Digital Marketing for local companies who want to improve their online presence in their industry. They offer quality SEO and online marketing services that are guaranteed to increase your company’s sales through an increase in organic traffic to your website.

Their cutting-edge SEO process will help the traffic they bring to your business convert into sales that will allow your business to thrive. They offer the latest in data-driven SEO tactics and insights which are safe, effective, and built to last the life of your online business.

Their expert keyword research and competition analysis will provide you with all the laser targeted market you need to succeed online. If you’re ready for total digital optimization, you should get in touch with the SEO specialists in San Diego.

To get the best results for your business. And process this to They will provide you with a customized SEO strategy that is guaranteed to improve your digital presence.

San Diego SEO Guru will design the best SEO strategies for your specific digital marketing needs so that you are sure to achieve your online marketing goals for your business or company.

For digital marketing services, contact San Diego SEO Guru at 858-461-8010 or go online to their website for more information at


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Founded by Eric and Kayla Strate, we have over 10 years combined experience as Digital Marketers and SEO experts. We help companies in San Diego succeed online. Our focus starts with quality, and ends with customer satisfaction.

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