Olympia, WA – Real IQ Online, the Best IQ Test currently offered online, is excited to announce its scientifically created IQ test that utilizes a publicly mentioned testing methodology coined by Jordan Peterson to provide participants with accurate IQ scores.

Designed in a controlled, proctored environment and calibrated with thousands of participants from diverse backgrounds, Real IQ Online employs a testing methodology focused on precision that has been inspired by the recommendations of prominent psychologist Jordan Peterson to ensure unparalleled accuracy and equivalence to in-person IQ assessments. Comprising of 100 diverse abstract questions, the test measures an individual’s specific cognitive abilities to show them where they fit in the IQ range that spans from average, above average, and gifted.

“Unlike most online IQ tests, Real IQ’s test stands out for its rigorous methodology,” said a spokesperson for Real IQ Online. “Most online IQ assessments lack scientific validation, often including unproctored baseline results which lead to inflated scores. In contrast, Real IQ has established its baseline through meticulous studies conducted in controlled, proctored settings. This approach significantly enhances the accuracy and reliability of the test, distinguishing it from other online options that are typically not as rigorous. While other online IQ Test can be entertaining or used for casual purposes, they should not be considered precise measures of an individual’s IQ. Real IQ, with its scientifically-grounded approach, offers a more trustworthy alternative.”

Real IQ Online took the time to ensure its method was as scientifically accurate as possible by utilizing a well-founded research foundation that included a large baseline study with more than 3,500 participants. This meticulous approach is also demonstrated in the Most Accurate IQ Test’s scoring system, which is arranged in rank order, leading to a notable correlation of 0.9 and which allows the test’s results to align with traditional supervised IQ tests with an impressive accuracy rate of within 1.8%, showcasing a remarkable level of precision compared to earlier iterations of online IQ assessments.

With over 3.3 million tests administered and an average of 555 thousand completed monthly ensuring a 98.2% results accuracy, Real IQ Online has earned an impressive reputation for helping individuals receive a trusted representation of their IQ to help them strive for self-improvement.

“Although it is certainly not the only indicator of intelligence or success, a person’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a correlating factor in measuring cognitive ability, particularly in abstract thinking, and is a strong predictor of academic performance. In life, we strive to learn about ourselves and grow. We believe trying to find out, ‘What is my IQ?’ can be a great way to kick-start the process of expanding your mind,” furthered a spokesperson for Real IQ Online.

Real IQ Online encourages individuals searching for an accurate test on ‘How to find my IQ Score‘ to visit its website to find out where their IQ fits into the range today.

About Real IQ Online

Real IQ Online is inspired by the recommendations of prominent psychologist Jordan Peterson and comprises 100 diverse abstract questions to accurately determine an individual’s IQ by assessing an individual’s range of cognitive abilities that include verbal comprehension, working memory, perceptual reasoning, and processing speed.

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To learn more about Real IQ Online and its scientifically created IQ test, please visit the website at realiq.online.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/real-iq-online-announces-scientifically-created-iq-test-to-offer-accurate-iq-scores/

About Real IQ Online

Our IQ Test was built to the industry standard CHC theory described by Dr. Jordan Peterson. Every question on this test carries the same weight, so no single question is more important than another.

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