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Septic Tank Pumping Pros: The Best and Most Reliable Septic Tank Cleaning Near Me

A number of residential and commercial property owners in Watertown ask, “Where can I find high-quality septic pumping near me?”. People need not look further, because Septic Tank Pumping Pros is…

February 17, 2019
About Septic Tank Pumping Pros, LLC

Septic Tank Cleaning & Grease Trap Cleaning Pros has been in the business of septic tank pumping and grease trap cleaning since May of 1972. My dad, Daniel Sexton, Jr. started the business on his own and grew the company to a fleet of five pumping trucks and two septic service trucks during the past 45 years. My father taught me well, and also made sure each and every septic service cleaning job I performed was done right the first time, no questions! Great customer service and fair prices has been the company’s main stay and ultimate bread-winner. We also repair septic systems that have failed due to age or poor initial septic design. Many times the leaching fields will become so saturated from years of percolation that the ground water table rises to the point where the liquid sewage spills over on to your front lawn which then becomes a public health hazard, and should be corrected.

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