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Health Energy Guru Compares Soylent vs. Huel, the Meal Replacement Products

Health Energy Guru compares the differences between Soylent vs. Huel, the meal replacement products in their latest article.  Firstly, Huel is a competitor with Soylent and advertizes to the same…

December 16, 2019

Health Energy Guru Review the Benefits of Iaso Tea

Health Energy Guru has recently reviewed Iaso tea, which is used for weight loss and detoxing. Health Energy Guru is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an…

December 12, 2019
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Health Energy Guru was founded with the purpose of discovering better ways to live through scientific research. Most products claim health benefits with little to no backing by scientific research. Yet, many people buy those products anyways in the hopes of solving some problem. Health Energy Guru is here to change that. Founded by Bruno Souza, HEG will be analyzing the top products on the market with the craziest claims and then finding scientific literature to either debunk that product or verify it.

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