My Rights Law Group, a highly distinguished and reputable criminal defense law firm, is providing appointments for a free consultation to anyone who may be involved in a criminal or DUI case in the greater Los Angeles area.

If one becomes arrested, having a high-powered Los Angeles criminal defense attorney beside them can be the difference between having charges dismissed or being severely punished. Having dedicated criminal attorneys with a reputation for winning difficult cases, they provide honest and experienced representation without a costly consultation. The law firm gladly makes a flexible payment plan available for people with different needs. While many clients can have a high chance of winning a case, their debts won’t pile up. My Rights Law Group stands behind affordable and top-notch legal representation.

Criminal law can be a complex legal area with severe life-changing implications. Whether the case is a misdemeanor, felony or petty crime, a Los Angeles criminal lawyer from My Rights Law Group makes the process easy and simple. Not only do they have the experience, but they also have the unmatched commitment to achieve the best possible results.

Kirk Tarman, the attorney, says “We are dedicated to representing our clients aggressively, professionally and honestly. It is our focus to build a solid attorney and client relationship based on mutual respect, trust, integrity, and professionalism. All of these things set us to stand out from other firms in the industry.” Surrounded by a strong legal team, My Right Law Groups criminal lawyers in Los Angeles collectively have more than three decades of experience. Defending Californians against a variety of criminal offenses have been their life since then. They know how the opposition operates and the best techniques to improve the outcome of every case.

My Rights Law Group has the expertise to handle a range of alleged criminal offenses. These include DUI, domestic violence and other violent crimes including assault, kidnapping, arson and murder, weapons offenses, white collar crime including embezzlement, theft and fraud, sex charges such as prostitution, child pornography, and child molestation, drug offenses including drug transportation and drug trafficking, hit and run, juvenile crimes, probation violations, and all other types of criminal matters.

Being charged with a crime can be one of the most traumatic and stressful things for people to go through. At My Rights Law Group, each Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer understands this and has the knowledge and expertise needed to build strong defensive strategies. They will fight their hardest to obtain an acquittal, reduction, or full dismissal of the charges. The law firm goes beyond the quality of legal services. They are friendly and accommodating, patient, and persistent. These are the qualities that make them the number one option for many.

My Rights Law Group strives hard to protect everyone’s freedom. While the prosecution is working hard to ascertain a person’s guilt, the attorneys of the firm will prevent unfair justice from happening. A powerful and aggressive Los Angeles criminal attorney from their firm will dig and scrutinize every piece of evidence to understand the situation. They will make sure that the D.A acts as reasonably as possible. Their attorneys will represent their client’s unique case with a superb level of expertise. They have the best people who can establish strong cases in favor of their client’s innocence.

About My Rights Law Group:

My Rights Law Group is a law firm that focuses on criminal defense and DUI cases. Whether it’s a felony, misdemeanor or petty offense, they have the best lawyers in Los Angeles to navigate the criminal justice system. While their clients are assured of honest and reliable representation, they can call 24-7 for a no-obligation, free legal consultation with a Los Angeles criminal lawyer. Fighting for their client’s freedom is what they do best.

For more information, please feel free to call them at (833) 890-8333. Or send them a message at [email protected] to keep in touch.

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