The Karma Baker, Los Angeles gluten-free and vegan food bakery, announces the expansion of delivery area to not only Westlake Village but also to Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, California. Celine and husband Arek founded The Karma Baker where they offer famous Westlake Village vegan and gluten-free food to customers to infuse the mind and heart with food as it is made.

Many people misunderstand vegan and gluten-free foods. The Karma Baker aims to eliminate the misunderstandings through tasty and healthy Westlake Village gluten-free food. They intend to change the way people perceive the baking and cooking of vegan and gluten-free food by providing customers with corrective experiences. Besides providing tasty, healthy food choices, the bakery takes pride in their team that works and supports one another in showing their passion through every food served.

Los Angeles vegan food and gluten-free delivery baker, artist, foodie, and mother, Celine Ikela of The Karma Baker said that Americans today are more and more interested in vegan diet. However, maintaining this type of diet can be daunting as some people don’t have access to the correct ingredients. Many of them wonder as well if it is always going to be salads or that eventually, food will become boring.

Knowing these worries, Celine uses a refined new style of baking to provide customers the best Thousand Oaks vegan and gluten-free food made from high-quality ingredients with sophisticated flavor profiles. In addition, The Karma Baker also includes step-by-step recipes as part of their services, which help novice chefs to create with ease vegan meals with restaurant quality. More importantly, Karma Baker’s meal kits are shipped right to the customer’s door.

The Karma Baker’s meal delivery service is ideal for life-long vegans or people who are experimenting with eating vegan for the first time. Celine is quite confident that no matter what kind of customer, they enjoy the bakery’s protein-rich, flavorful Los Angeles vegan and gluten-free food. Karma Baker’s meal kits are premeasured made with natural, GMO–free ingredients. They are approximately 95% organic and definitely healthy.

In addition to using the best ingredients, Karma Baker’s team handles most of the preparation of the meals in-house. With that, clients can expect home cooked meals of a delicious vegan menu. Now that the bakery expanded their delivery area, more people in Los Angeles will be able to enjoy Westlake Village California’s great gluten-free and vegan meals.

About Karma Baker

The Karma Baker is a bakery in Westlake Village, California founded by Celine and husband Arek with the intention of infusing the heart and mind with food as it is made. The bakery’s aim is to change the way that people see gluten-free and vegan baking and cooking. Celine and her team make this possible through corrective and creative baking at The Karma baker.

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About Karma Baker

Always Vegan & Gluten-Free (No wheat, eggs, or dairy). We say that upfront because no one believes our stuff is BOTH vegan and gluten free and looks and tastes this good. Well it does and it is. Experience what we…

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