Anaheim, California – Better Days Treatment Center has over 40 years’ experience in being Southern California’s top Alcohol & Drug Rehab facility by offering their own effective reality-based recovery model, a safe, calm, and supportive environment to heal in and a team of passionate, professional staff.

Their reality-based recovery model is designed to utilize the lived experiences of their patients as teaching moments for them to develop healthier life expectations, while also helping you realize your individual goals and work towards your ideal future.

This personalized approach to your recovery is the focus of Better Days Treatment Center and their trained team is committed to help you take the important steps in substance abuse recovery, be that your initial detox, taking part in an intensive-outpatient programme or partial hospitalization.

Working Towards Better Days

Better Days Treatment Center is located in beautiful Southern California and is custom crafted to be both lavish and comfortable, making it the perfect location to begin your Rehab and healing process.

The sunny weather and nearby amenities next to the treatment center, such as parks, the beath, hiking trails, and shopping locations, means that there are plenty of activities to help you support your physical as well as your mental health and engage in fun and supportive group activities.

Although, if you prefer to recharge and focus on your recovery in peace, then Better Days Treatment Center also has an idyllic sober living home that is situated in a safe, private, and quiet community. Here you will also have access to a variety of luxury amenities, including a pool, jacuzzi, a custom fire pit, and two different entertainment centers.


Better Days Treatment Center prioritises finding a treatment program that can support your individual needs during recovery.

As each patient struggles with substance abuse and mental health problems differently, their professional team offers a selection of diverse treatment approaches, such as Dual Diagnosis Care, Mental Health Support, and Outpatient Care.

Additionally, Better Days Treatment Center provides essential personalized services that are tailored to assist you in taking the crucial steps towards meeting your long-term health and wellness goals. These services include:

  • Detox – This process is designed to help rid your body of any last traces of drug or alcohol that may be in your system. Their trained team can offer you a safe, high-quality, medical detox that they will carefully monitor to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible and can receive their help and support when needed.
  • Intensive Outpatient – IOPs (Intensive Outpatient Programs) are a unique combination of intensive care during the day and freedom at night, where you split your time between recovering from substance abuse with addiction specialists, while still being able to spend your evenings at home with your family.
  • Partial Hospitalization – PHPs (Partial Hospitalization Programs) are very similar to Intensive Outpatient Programs in the way that you will receive targeted treatment during the day but still have the freedom to return home at night. The main difference between the two is that PHPs are more intensive that IOPs, although both are an effective method to recover from substance abuse.

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About Better Days Treatment Center

Better Days is a straightforward name with a straightforward purpose. We truly believe that your best days are not already behind you. Instead, there are better days ahead for you if you’re willing to work towards them.

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